Tips for Hiding Unwrapped Gifts This Holiday Season in Your Apartment

giftsIt’s the season to start shopping, which means it’s also the year to get creative and find places to hide those Christmas presents. When you get home from the store, you’re likely to have mounds of gifts, unwrapped, that need to be kept from curious eyes (adults included). While you might find it impossible to locate a good hiding spot in your apartment, you’d be surprised at how many options there are for keeping those gifts out of sight.

The Trunk of Your Car Works

The trunk or cargo area of your car is a good hiding spot for those unwrapped gifts. If your gift recipients have frequent access to those areas, try stuffing them under the seats where they won’t be seen. Use the trunk or cargo area just for temporary storage — until your recipients are away long enough for you to sneak them out and wrap them up.

Try Under the Bed

Most people don’t look under their beds, which is why they’re an ideal spot for hiding gifts. If you have little ones, hide them under your bed where they’re unlikely to find them. For your spouse or partner, hide the gifts under your side of the bed or the kid or guest room beds. If your couch or sofa chair has enough clearance, tuck them under far enough where they can’t be seen, but where you can still reach them for wrapping later.

Under the Sink is an Idea

Under the sink is a good hiding spot if you’re the only one that goes in there. You can always disguise it by covering it with a few (clean) cleaning towels and putting other items in front of it. Just store it in a back corner where it won’t get wet — just in case your sink decides to leak that day.

Gift Wrap at the Store

If there just isn’t any space to hide your gifts in your unit, there’s always gift wrapping at the store. These days stores make gift wrapping affordable — sometimes less than $5 per gift! To save money don’t have the gift wrapped with all of the bells and whistles. Just have the gift wrapped with paper and add the bows yourself at home. Some stores, like Toys R’ Us, have self-serving gift wrap stations. While the wrapping paper is branded, it’s free to use and lets you wrap the gift right there in the store. You can always wrap it with another layer of Christmas paper once you get it home.

Get creative with there you hide your gifts and look around your house for ideas. Before you know it you’ll have plenty of spaces to stuff a gift until you can wrap it. If you’re the only one who cooks, put a few gifts inside the oven or in with the mixing bowls until you can get them wrapped. It doesn’t matter how small your unit is, there are always places to keep those gifts hidden until wrapping day.

Dec 2013