Hancock Park

Hancock ParkNestled between Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and downtown Los Angeles, Hancock Park is quiet, glammy, convenience in LA. Sometimes called “Old Beverly Hills,” Hancock Park first began thriving in the 1920’s and 30’s, when many of Hancock Park’s classic Spanish- and Mediterranean-style homes were built by some of the most prominent architects of the time. Conservative in comparison to the rest of Los Angeles, Hancock Park’s tree-lined neighborhoods surrounding the Wilshire Country Club are complemented by Larchmont Blvd., a strip of boutique shopping and star-sprinkled al fresco dining.

Hancock Park’s Location in Los Angeles

Hancock Park from 4th Street bikeway

Hancock Park is bounded by Melrose Ave. at its north, Wilshire Blvd. to its south, Rossmore Ave. at its east, and Highland Ave. to its west. Hancock Park lies between the Miracle Mile (at its west), Korea Town (at its east), Hollywood (at its north), and Wilshire Park (to its south).


Hancock Park warms up to 85°F on average (August-September) and Hancock Park chills lowest at about 48°F (December-January).

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