How Much Money Should You Expect to Spend on a Hollywood-Based Home?

iStock_000015604341_SmallAfter many years of continuous struggle, you have finally managed to save enough money to rent a place in Hollywood and start turning your dreams into reality. You know that an acting school won’t turn you into a celebrity in the blink of an eye and that you’ll probably have to juggle two or more almost decent jobs to be able to make ends meet, but in the end you realize that it’s all worth it. So how much money should you realistically expect to spend on a Hollywood property? Naturally, rentals don’t come cheap in this area, which represents the natural habitat of pampered, deep-pocketed A-listers. Wondering how much a condo or a single-family home could cost you each month?

Uncover the Secrets of Hollywood’s for Rent and for Sale Properties

To get the most accurate answer to this question, you would just have to take a closer look at the most recent Hollywood real estate trends.

According to recent stats introduced by Trulia, the average listing price for properties that have been recently put up for sale in Hollywood CA is estimated at $1,026,045.

Can’t afford to shed more than one million dollars on a home that could accommodate all your family members? Not to worry! In Hollywood, you could always stumble across a beautiful 1,230 square feet condo with one bedroom and one bathroom, priced at around $700,000. This slice of Californian real estate may not be suitable for families with multiple kids, but it definitely represents an appealing and cost-effective choice for young adults who still enjoy the perks of the single life. Moreover, if you have always wanted to build your own place from scratch, note that there is another excellent option that you should consider: buy some land. A lot located on Gould Ave. could cost you less than $250,000 and would give you the opportunity to become the main architect of your dreams and construct the property that you’ve always wanted to live in. Those who can actually afford to make a considerable investment in a spacious, modern, 5-bedroom single-family home stretching on more than 3,000 square feet should know that such a real estate opportunity could be priced under $1.5 million.

Renting a Place in West Hollywood Is Always a Good Idea

In addition, if you can’t cope with the responsibilities that ownership automatically implies, remember that you could always rent a nice place in Hollywood for under $2,000 per month. The median rental price in West Hollywood is estimated at $1,795 (the average rental price per square foot is in the $2.42 range, according to Trovit).

You don’t necessarily need a lot of luck to uncover the hottest deals on the local real estate market, but taking into consideration the great demand and the competition, you could definitely use the guidance of Apartment Hunterz to be able to spot the newest and most tempting listings before anyone else.

Nov 2014