5 Things That Capture the Attention of Californian Home Buyers

It’s quite difficult to market your Californian property in a highly effective manner when you don’t know what buyers are mostly interested in. Truth Real estate market - young Indonesian couple looking for real esbe told, your home is in an excellent condition and comes with a fabulous garden, spacious elegant rooms and lots of essential amenities. But these are just a few generalities that don’t actually separate your house from hundreds of other Californian properties that have been put up for sale in 2014. Wondering what additions have the power to attract buyers like a magnet? We have compiled a list of must-haves that could raise the value of your real estate gem and allow you to seal the deal in no time.

  1. Gadget-Friendly Rooms. Gadget trends come and go, and still somehow most homeowners manage to keep up with the newest technology and crave for the biggest, craziest devices that upgrade their favorite leisure activities. Want to capture the attention of male buyers? Build a man cave and equipped it with a giant TV screen, surround sound and the latest security system with home automation. Smarter homes are safer and ensure the highest level of convenience for all owners.
  1. Carrie Bradshaw-Inspired Closets. It’s no secret that women love shoes, jewels, modern couture clothing items and handbags. What you may not know is that most of them also have mad organizational skills and just like Carrie Bradshaw, they like to have their money where they can actually see it:  hanging in their closets. In order to anticipate the needs of deep-pocketed female buyers you definitely need to turn one of your rooms into a giant walk-in closet. Opt for a neutral style and white or beige tones to create the ideal dressing. Limit your customization options to be able to achieve a versatile minimalist look tailored to the needs and expectations of a broader spectrum of potential buyers.
  1. Indoor Wellness Centers. Don’t have enough money to build a lavishing sauna? Not to worry! You can add value to your Californian property by investing in less costly additions, like a trendy Victorian vanity, a massage table, a large tub with water jets and custom cabinetry, which will “dress” your indoor space in style and ensure an optimal spa experience without forcing you to spend a ton of cash on remodel work.
  1. Gym Rooms. Gym rooms give you the privacy that you need when you want to exercise; not to mention the fact that they enable you to save time and money otherwise invested in a gym membership. Basic equipment including a treadmill, exercise bikes, rowing machines and weights can raise the enthusiasm of health-conscious prospects and give them a new reason to like your property.
  1. Home Offices. More and more people decide to earn a living as freelancers or monitor the growth of their small business from home. Naturally, these categories of potential buyers will require a sleek, spacious and comfy home office where they could surf the web, complete daily assignments, store their most important documents and make ambitious plans.

All in all, these 5 basic additions could help you reach more home hunters and sell your Californian property rapidly and hassle-free.

Aug 2014