Addressing 4 Preconceived Ideas Related to Californian Vacation Rentals  

Two queen bedsWhen you plan a vacation in Cali, the quality of the housing option that you choose should be one of your key points of interest. After all, holidays should be all about a sublime state of relaxation, superior comfort, fantastic views, great meals and fruity little drinks served by the pool. Speaking of accommodation alternatives, don’t you think that the ambiance ensured by some of the most luxurious hotels is a bit cold and rigid? Tourists who want to discover the warmth of a homey environment usually target budget-friendly, yet incredibly attractive Californian vacation rentals. Unfortunately, the popularity of such housing options is often impacted by a series of myths, including the following ones.

  1. Vacation Rentals Located in Cali Are for the Rich and Famous; I Could Never Afford One. When you count on the services of the largest, most reputable Californian apartment finder, you can automatically eliminate this concern and rest assured that you will find the ideal vacation rental that is actually in your price range. Not all Napa Valley-based rentals cost anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 per night. Some of them are in the 300$-400$/night range and feature essential vacation-friendly amenities, including pools, large patios and indoor gyms. It gets better. In some areas, the rates associated with 3-bedroom homes start from $69 per night; in addition, these properties could easily accommodate anywhere from two to eight travelers.
  2. Vacation Rentals Only Make Sense for Large Groups or Big Families. When you manage to share your vacation rental with a larger group of friends, you succeed in saving big bucks. But this does not mean that singles have to think that such properties are off-limits. Cute little condos located in the most sought-after metro areas or elegant 2-bedroom townhouses situated in picturesque, quiet neighborhoods are only two options for small groups or people who travel alone.
  3. Vacation Rentals Could Never Top the Services Provided by Californian Hotels. Hotels may be impersonal, but you hate the idea of making your own bed, walking Fifi when you have to get your mani and pedi, and preparing breakfast for your spouse on a lazy Sunday. Vacation rentals are not exactly the most convenient choice, simply because they let you handle all these tasks on your own, right? Wrong! Upscale vacation homes let their guests enjoy the basic advantages of traditional lodging, coupled with additional high-value features and services, like personalized menus created by personal chefs, spa treatments, onsite massages and so on.
  4. Vacation Rentals Are Less Safe and Reliable Accommodation Options. Wrong again! You can eliminate safety risks and prevent scams by simply accessing the website of the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA) to find info related to various companies owning vacation rental properties all across North America. In addition, you can consult online reviews before going in favor of a certain property.

All in all, vacation rentals offer you the best opportunity to explore California’s unique set of natural and man-made wonders on a budget. To identify and compare the most amazing Californian vacation homes in a timely fashion, just count on the services provided by Apartment Hunterz to check out thousands of listings that may meet your selection criteria.

Oct 2014