5 Major Californian House Hunting Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Boyfriend bring box on white with angry girlfriendBuying or renting a home is an important emotional process that you should manage to control at all times. Sure, more than a few Californian properties have an elevated curb appeal, a reasonable price tag and the most generous selection of amenities. All these elements put together could easily make you lose your head and decide to invest in a piece of Californian real estate that may not necessarily serve your best interest. Wondering how you could avoid misguided actions impacting your finances and your overall quality of life? If so, take a closer look at the following home hunting mistakes listed below and consider upgrading your house or apartment search by relying on the professional services provided by Apartment Hunterz.

  1. Obsessing Over a Property That You Wouldn’t Be Able to Afford. Generally speaking, you should not shed more than 30% of your monthly income on a Californian rental. Moreover, keep in mind that rent is not the only expense that you will have to deal with. Food, utility costs and other bills can easily add up, making you struggle to make ends meet. This is precisely why you should try to find a good for rent or for sale property matching your allocated budget. In this context, in-depth research always pays off. By checking out the recent listings updated by Apartment Hunterz on a regular basis you could affordable Californian rentals that are actually in your price range. Instead of obsessing over that 3,000 dollar-rental located in an upscale neighborhood, take the time you need to tour and analyze less pricy options located in the less sought-after surrounding areas. You may be surprised to identify equally cozy and appealing apartments and houses for rent priced under $1,500 per month. The key is to define your ideal rental based on three distinctive factors that influence monthly rates: location, amenities and overall condition.
  2. Assuming the First Deal Is the Best One That You Could Ever Get. The Californian real estate market is constantly offering newcomers the chance to put down roots in this sunny state and rent or buy a new home rapidly and conveniently. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that the first deal that you set eyes on is automatically the best one that you’ll ever stumble across. How can you distinguish once-in-a-lifetime offers from less remarkable ones? Easy! Just remember to keep an eye on the recent listings brought to you by Apartment Hunterz. This is the simplest way to understand and analyze real estate trends, estimate rental costs for different areas that you may wish to target and spot the most convenient deals.
  3. Overlooking Major Flaws. When you find a 800-dollar rental in an area where all the decent properties for rent cost over $2,000 per month, should you really ask all the questions that may be on your mind, related to the current condition of the house or apartment that interests you? Absolutely! In most cases, ridiculously low priced for rent properties have their fair share of flaws. Some of them are perfectly addressable and may not impact your level of comfort in a substantial manner, while others could affect your wellbeing and maybe even put your safety on the line. Electrical glitches, plumbing issues and a leaky roof are the most common deal-breakers that put potential tenants on the run. Therefore, always remember to tour a property in person before signing the rental agreement. Talk to your landlord openly about the visible flaws that you have noticed during your inspection. At the end of the day, it is extremely important to be able to assess the condition of a Californian rental in an objective manner. Do not overestimate your handyman skills and keep in mind the fact that repairs or remodel work could trigger considerable expenses that you may have to cover out of your own pocket.
  4. Dragging Your Feet (or Rushing to Make an Offer). At the same time, it is extremely important to be determined and make all the right steps towards signing the rental agreement in a timely fashion. Don’t forget that the rental market is monitored by millions of other potential tenants seeking a good deal. At the same time, don’t shake hands with a landlord until you are 100% certain that the rental in question is what you really need in your life at this point.
  5. Assuming That You Have Everything Covered. While there are quite a few free online resources that you could consult to simplify your house hunt, not all of them will turn out to be useful during your search. The truth is that home hunters usually require expert guidance, especially when they know very little or nothing at all about the rental market that they are targeting. This doesn’t mean that you have to hire a realtor and let him take care of every single detail related to your house hunt. There is another method to find good rentals in any Californian city, which is faster and much more convenient. The apartment finding services provided by Apartment Hunterz let you save time and money while looking for a new house or apartment for rent in the state of California. You can browse through thousands of listings, save your searches, compare different properties in terms of features and price choose the housing option that best fits your needs. Furthermore, using the same service you can connect with potential landlords with a few clicks, submit applications online, schedule face-to-face meetings and property tours and avoid time-consuming activities that always involve a direct contact with landlords and property managers. When it comes to organizing a house hunt, you may think that you have everything covered. In reality, this process implies various responsibilities that you may not be ready to deal with. Choose to make your life a whole lot easier by letting Apartment Hunterz offer you the guidance that could bring you closer to a more than satisfactory rental agreement and profit from a fresh, clean start in Cali.
Feb 2015