Cheapest and Most Attractive Places to Live in California

T.Plaza_Park_Oxnard_California_20101009_110756_BCX_8807You have always had a thing for Cali. This is totally understandable; after all, California has some of the best beaches in the world, the most attractive entertainment options and a laidback approach to life that would always bring you a tremendous satisfaction. Whether you are planning on starting a family, developing a new company or retiring comfortably, California is the best place that you could call home. You may ask: but what about Cali’s sky-high cost of living and relatively intimidating real estate market?

Weigh Your Options Carefully

Not all Californian cities are the same. Naturally, glamorous locations such as Beverly Hills , San Diego and San Francisco are the haven of deep-pocketed tenants and buyers seeking a luxurious lifestyle and the highest level of comfort. But this does not mean that such territories are off-limits. With help from the largest Californian apartment finder you could also get the keys to an affordable rental in this area fast and hassle-free.

Check out the Least Expensive Alternatives Matching Your Criteria

Metropolitan areas surrounding Los Angeles, Modesto and Sacramento are often targeted by buyers and tenants whose options are limited by a small budget. Even though relocating to these areas might involve a different routine revolving around long commutes, this change in your life could also help you get the well-paid job that you have always dreamed about or simply let you enjoy the comfort and privacy of a superb and totally affordable new residence. Southern and northern parts of the state are also well-liked for their affordable accommodation options that attract newcomers like a magnet.

Kings, Kern, Modoc, Yuba and Glenn are some of the best counties that you should target when you are looking for a less expensive property for rent or for sale in Cali.  The median home price in Glenn, Kings and Kern is in the $100,000-$200,000 range. Are rural areas an alternative worth considering? It all depends on the criteria that you have already set up. Generally speaking, rural regions have an unemployment rate that exceeds the national average estimated at 5.9%. Nonetheless, rental rates are considerably lower in these parts; so you could choose to rent or buy a place here and find a job in the nearest city. Larger urban centers ensure plenty of attractive carrier opportunities designed for a specialized workforce. If the idea of commuting on a day to day basis to reduce your rental costs appeals to you, consider moving to Modesto, which is only 90 miles far from San Francisco and San Jose.

When you’re looking for a new roof over your head and don’t have a lot of money in the bank, it is extremely important to spend your resources wisely. By counting on the services of the largest Californian apartment finder you would be able to save both time and cash and make the most of a fulfilling house hunt.

Oct 2014