5 Expert Tips on How to Attract the Best Tenants to Your Californian Rental

shutterstock_306279413Given that very few people can actually afford to buy a house or an apartment in California, and more and more families choose to explore the financial advantages, flexibility and reduced level of commitment implied by rental properties, you may be inclined to think that renting out your home is a smart move.

Truth be told, many tenants may be looking for a house like the one that you’re thinking about renting as we speak. But how could they reach you? And, most importantly, why should they choose your rental over the thousands of similar properties that they could tour and compare online, with just a few clicks?

Hope is not exactly your best strategy here. If you want to maintain the competitive edge of your property, you have to promote in an effective manner and make it become truly desirable in the eyes of potential tenants. Don’t know where to start? In this case, keep reading to discover (and hopefully apply) our five expert tips on how to add value to your Californian for rent property, lure more prospects and find the perfect tenant rapidly, without going crazy.

  1. Post Quality Photos and Keyword-Rich Descriptions. Stock photos won’t get you very far when it comes to promoting the house that you wish to rent out. The same goes for blurry, poor-quality photos that don’t do your property any favors. Any expert specialized in real estate photography will highlight the importance of a professional photo shoot pursuing three different goals:
  • Your ambition to make your house look large and comfortable.
  • Your desire to make your home look clean, clutter-free and bright (a focus on your property’s sources of light could help you achieve this goal)
  • Your wish to capture unique pictures with original wow factors (artwork, furniture, accent walls, other decorative elements) that differentiate them from the rest of the real estate photos available out there

Once you’ve managed to select the right set of photos that could help you individualize your listing, start working on the description. Focus on finding the best descriptive words that accentuate the most remarkable features of your property.

For instance, if your property features floor-to-ceiling windows, expensive decorations, a pool, spa or gym, and various other desirable additions, make sure you highlight their presence. In short, it is highly recommended to come up with a good USP (Unique Selling Proposition) in order to impress potential tenants. Go beyond vague descriptions! There are millions of 2-bedroom apartments in California, so what exactly makes your special? For example, advantages like proximity to award-winning restaurants, cool shopping destinations and parks and recent remodeling work are features that can convince any tenant to give your property a second thought; so promote them accordingly.

  1. Invest Cost-Effective Additions or Improvements. Even if you can’t afford to buy new furniture or invest in high-end decorations, set up a small budget for an inexpensive facelift that could boost the appeal of your rental. A paint job, a few potted plants, new curtains and carpets and DIY art are only a few of the most affordable additions that could turn any house or apartment into a brighter, more modern and welcoming place.
  2. Highlight the Features That Usually Attract Tenants. Do you know what makes your potential tenants tick? Usually, the people who are interested in finding a new roof over their head are looking for a combination of key advantages, including prime location, modern amenities, luxurious indoors, cool architecture and low rental rates. As a matter of fact, a white paper published by Rent Media Solutions indicates that 69% of all potential tenants use location as their main selection criterion when it comes to identifying and comparing listings. Clearly, most people are intimidated by long commuting routes and wish to find a rental property that is as close to their office as possible.

While you can’t change the physical location of your building, you can add a few extras to make it more attractive in the eyes of the people who will be touring your property. Internal parking and laundry, balconies, access to green spaces and proximity to sporting complexes, and gas cookers placed inside the kitchen are only a few of the additional features that influence the final decision of thousands of tenants, so try to make your for rent apartment or house seem as friendly, modern and feature-rich as possible to boost your odds of finding a great tenant in no time.

  1. Sweeten the Deal. If you’ve already applied the tips listed below without results, now would be a good time to sweeten the pot. There are several ways in which you could do that. For starters, if you’re not really willing to budge on your asking price, consider offering other incentives, such as one extra parking spot or a free month’s rent.
  2. Count on the Best Californian Apartment Finding Service to Market Your Property. Sometimes, even when you’re ready to negotiate your price and add various complimentary services and features to please potential tenants, you may still have a hard time trying to market your rental in an effective manner. In this case, don’t wait for a miracle to happen, especially if you have bills to pay and your rental apartment is your primary source of income.

Take this matter into your own hands and list your property with Apartment Hunterz. California’s favorite apartment finder will offer you all the tools and expert support that you could ever need to get in touch with tenants, screen candidates, schedule meetings and rent your house or apartment the easy, convenient and safe way. Try this amazing service today and discover a new method to boost the visibility, popularity and profitability of your slices of real estate.


Tools and Features That Strengthen the Ties Between Landlords and Potential Tenants

Cropped image of man signing contract with keys on itA recent study made public by the National Association of Realtors and Google highlights a new trend: home seekers are heavily relying on online platforms to find a new for rent property matching their specific criteria. This source indicates that no less than 90% of all prospects begin their house hunt online. They check out different specialized websites, compare listings and use a great variety of helpful elements to stay connected with landlords, discover new attractive rentals before anyone else and save their searches. Wondering what kind of aids could simplify your online apartment search? To help you make better decisions, we have compiled two lists of tools that support the development of mutually beneficial relationships between tenants and landlords.

Tools That Help Tenants Find the Perfect for Rent Property

As a tenant looking for a house or apartment in California, you can’t afford to waste time and money on your quest to find the perfect accommodation option. This is the main reason why you need modern tools that can help you perform a targeted search and find and compare the best listings in record time. Here are our favorite little helpers that we highly recommend.

iConnect Feature. This handy feature helps you reach a certain landlord in a split second. Real-time interactions are always a plus, especially when you’re striving to create an awesome first impression and get all the additional details that could help you evaluate a certain property without having to tour it in person.

Google Street View. Want to feel the vibe of a certain neighborhood that may be right for you without leaving your office? Modern technology has turned this objective into an attainable goal. Use Google Street View to get a 360 degrees-view of your neighborhoods of choice and narrow down your search rapidly and hassle-free. Sometimes, the most effective decision-making processes are based on nothing but advanced tools that guarantee your success.

SMS and Email Updates. No matter how hard you try to monitor the Californian real estate market, at some point you will need to count on some kind of support to guide your efforts in the right direction. Let’s face it: you can’t just surf the web all day every day to identify and compare all the newest listings. This is why the very best apartment finding services offer SMS and email updates. Apartment Hunterz goes the extra mile to make tenants happy, by revolutionizing the way in which a house hunt is being conducted.  A concierge will perform a free search, identify the properties that could be the perfect match for you, and then email or text you to help you get in touch with its landlord or property manager as soon as possible.

One-Click Results System. This ingenious system enables you to perform and saves searches with ease. Just think about it: this cool feature let you keep tabs on your favorite listings and compare your top picks at any given point in time.

Tools and Features That Help Landlords Promote Their Listings in a More Effective Way

On the other side of the coin, as a landlord you have to make the most of a generous selection of tools and features that could raise the interest of your potential clients, maximize your online visibility, boost the desirability of your piece of real estate, simplify your communication  with potential tenants and reduce your labor and costs. Here are a few picks that you should put to the test while trying to fill your vacancies.

Quality Real Estate Photos. These days, you need more than a few photos taken with your phone to win the hearts of multiple prospects looking for a new roof over their heads. As a matter of fact, you may want to master the art of real estate photography (or hire a professional photographer who is familiar with this specialized niche). Assuming that you don’t want to spend your money on a photoshoot organized by an expert, focus on these three objectives while photographing your slice of real estate.

  • You want to make your property seem bigger
  • You want to capture all the details that add value to your rental from a practical/aesthetic standpoint
  • You want your indoors and outdoors to seem brighter and more inviting

Virtual tours. Adding photos to your listing is always a great idea, especially if you want to maximize the level of exposure of your ad and individualize your property the easy way. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t neglect the fact that your prospects, just like any other category of Internet users, appreciate rich interactions and a closer contact with their object of desire. This is precisely why both landlords and tenants are very fond of real estate video tours. These additions are incredibly dynamic and enable viewers to discover the particularities of a new environment in a much more exciting manner.

Tenant Connection Tools and Features. Apartment Hunterz has made it easier for landlords to establish a faster, more meaningful connection with people who may be interested in their for rent properties. For instance, this apartment finding service enables landlords to upload application forms that prospects can download, fill out and send back. Moreover, using other tools from the advanced tenant connection toolbox provided by Apartment Hunterz, landlords can get their listings automatically emailed to individuals who are ready and eager to move. Last but not least, the iConnect feature is one extra perk that the landlords and property managers who collaborate with Apartment Hunterz can use anytime, anywhere to maintain an open dialogue with potential clients.

Offering a great selection of practical, user-friendly and insanely effective tools and features, Apartment Hunterz helps build stronger bridges between the people who share an interest in the Californian real estate market. Create your account today and put all these extras to good use to achieve your real estate-focused objectives.

5 Foolproof Tactic Enabling Landlords to Manage Your Relationship with Problematic Tenants

iStock_000015752174_Small (1)Dealing with problematic tenants can be challenging, to say the least. As a matter of fact, very few people who decide to rent out their California-based apartment realize the fact that they could encounter more than a few delicate problems as first-time landlords.

Some of your tenants may always “forget” to pay rent on time. Others may refuse to comply with your written policies and start disputes with your property manager and/or other tenants. How could you possibly handle all these hypothetical situations and what’s the most convenient exit strategy that you could employ to avoid further complications? Here are a few alternative routes that you can explore to keep risks in check.

  1. Hire a Property Manager. Sometimes, you need a middleman to close a good deal. In this case, you may require an intermediary to avoid potential conflicts with tenants, keep your property in excellent condition, handle repair requests and potential complaints and give yourself some time to breathe.
  2. Screen All Tenants. Be Thorough. Run background checks. Check their references. Get in touch with all the previous landlords listed by candidates. Run a credit check and verify the income declared by your potential tenants. Last but not least, go with your gut. If some of the people whom you have interviewed look or sound like trouble, then they probably are! Don’t be afraid to wait for the ideal tenant. Recent research published by LA Times indicate that we are currently witnessing an ever-growing demand for Californian housing units, also coming from former owners who have lost their homes to foreclosure. The mortgage crisis and the advantages that rentals are currently offering represent the two prominent factors that have contributed to the decline of homeownership rates in the L.A. Metro Area. Therefore, do not despair. Screen your tenants without skipping any steps and simplify the whole process using the data and handy tools offered by an apartment finding service.
  3. Apply Penalties. Here’s the first lesson that you’ll learn as a first-time landlord (usually, the hard way): sweet talk won’t get you very far. Master the skills of a private detective in your spare time to avoid surprises. At the same time, don’t let your enthusiasm and goodwill stand in the way of your future goals. At some point, you will probably realize the fact that property owners who are overly flexible aren’t necessarily the happiest and most successful ones. Yes, flexibility can help you maintain a healthy relationship with good tenants, but it can also affect the one that you have with problematic occupants. How do you address this issue without implementing any radical changes? Here’s an idea that may work for you: start applying penalties. Be very strict to make sure that your rules are being followed. For instance, you could require your tenants to pay rent on the first day of the month. To prove that you are an understanding landlord, you could offer a limited grace period (a 5 day period is more than enough and represents a decent option that most tenants will appreciate). At the end of the grace period, if no rent is paid, you can intimidate tenants with an arsenal of effective weapons including substantial late fees and a pay or vacate notice taped to the door. These extra measures of precaution will enable you to prevent your tenants from getting behind on rent and manage your relationship with troublesome residents before it becomes a real problem.
  4. Explore the Radical, Yet 100% Effective “Cash for Keys” Technique. Can’t find a solution to a pressing problem created by a tenant who refuses to play by the book? Instead of working even harder to achieve the impossible, take the easy (and stress-free) way out. Get rid of the people who ignore your rules and make your life as a landlord a living hell. If you don’t want to evict the tenant (we all know that this process takes time and can be quite costly), employ the effective so-called cash-for-keys tactic. In other words, pay problematic tenants to leave your property with grace and what’s left of their dignity. This solution may not be perfect, but it spares you of the drama and high costs that an eviction usually involves. On the other hand, if an eviction is truly necessary, get the best legal representation that you can afford and don’t hesitate to go all the way to get rid of residents who have caused you nothing but trouble for months in a row. Hire an experienced, qualified lawyer who could help you deal with this problem without getting in trouble. No matter how you choose to handle this unpleasant situation, keep in mind the fact that vacancies are seldom a long-term problem in California, where decently priced rentals are always tracked down by tenants looking for a new roof over their heads.
  5. Remember That the Perfect Tenant May Be Just a Few Clicks Away. Do you really have to interview total strangers to avoid risks factors that could cost you a lot of time and money? We understand your hesitation and we totally get it: screening tenants can be boring and time-consuming. You have very little desire to get acquainted with people who would like to find a new place to stay in California. Maybe you have poor social skills and don’t really want to waste too much time meeting potential candidates and hearing every detail about their life story. In this context, what’s the best thing that you could do to facilitate your interaction with tenants, separate the reliable candidates from the ones who will definitely give you headaches, and handle the paperwork rapidly and stress-free?

Apartment Hunterz brings you the simplest solution to your problem. California’s top-rated apartment finding service gives you access to various tools that you can use to reach people who may be interested in your property, screen all candidates and submit paperwork online, at a touch of a button. This type of service ensures a flawless communication between tenants and lessors and turns apartment renting into a wonderful experience for both parties. Give it a try and find out how Apartment Hunterz has changed the lives of thousands of people who have a keen interest in the Californian real estate market.


Jun 2015

Common Problems That Californian Landlords Face Regularly (and Ways to Prevent Them)

man suffering from a headache with a woman standingRenting a house or apartment can become an effective way to supplement your monthly income with minimal effort. Once you find the right tenants, the rest is easy. You just have to make sure that they pay the rent on time and keep your property in good condition. In theory, renting a slice of Californian real estate is a child’s play. Nonetheless, people who have already rented their houses or apartments at least once know that landlordship isn’t all roses. As a landlord, you may have to face different kinds of problems that could put a tremendous pressure on your shoulders. The good news is that lessors can now count on a great variety of tools and services designed to make their lives a whole lot easier. For instance, Apartment Hunterz lets landlords market their properties in a time and cost-effective manner. By counting on this service, they have higher odds of filling their vacancies and meeting the ideal tenant in only a few days. Moreover, the California’s favorite apartment finding service also has a management center designed especially for landlords, which one can use to create and edit listings, call the landlord hotline, get free credit reports, rental forms and applications and connect with potential clients online, with just a few clicks. Through this portal, landlords can schedule meetings with tenants who meet their criteria and simplify their screening process.

If you want to give landlordship a try, start by identifying the most common problems that you could be dealing with while renting your Californian property:

Payment Problems. This is by far one of the most pressing issues that will inevitably bother you at some point. The ugly truth is that there are many tenants who usually send late payments (or don’t send them at all!). The first thing that you should do to avoid this problem is to put late fees in the rental agreement. When it comes to dealing with tenants who can’t pay or refuse to pay rent, starting the eviction process as soon as possible is vital. You can begin the formalities once your tenants have missed a payment. Keep in mind that delays are not in your favor, especially since the eviction process can take up months.

Damages. Worried that your new tenants could turn your apartment upside down and leave you with a pile of unpaid bills? If you’re concerned about potential damages, you should know that the rental agreement offers you a certain level of protection against this risk factor. In some cases, the security deposit paid by your tenants may not cover all damages that have impacted the looks and functionality of your rental. In this situation, you could always decide to drag your tenants to court. However, you should always remember that prevention is better than cure. When possible, go for reliable tenants who have solid references from their previous landlords. Screen all potential candidates carefully and once you find the right tenants, ask them to fill out and sign a property condition form. This way, they will take note of pre-existing damages and you will attain peace of mind, knowing that your agreement is based on transparency.

Complaints. You can avoid some of the most common types of complains coming from your tenants (especially the ones revolving around high noise levels and parking) by creating a set of rules and making sure that all the people who are renting your property are following them.

Lease Violations. There are quite a few types of lease violations that you may be forced to cope with as a landlord. For instance, your tenants could keep pets in your house or apartment although you’ve made it clear that you wish to stick to your no pets policy. Moreover, your tenants could try to accommodate more people on your property without asking for your permission. These unpleasant situations can be prevented by elaborating a contract that lists all your rules and guidelines. When dealing with such an issue, you should immediately send your tenants a written notification that describes the nature of the lease violation. Also, you should do everything in your power to follow the protocol listed in the rental agreement; this would help you obtain a favorable verdict if you were to file a lawsuit against your tenants.

Demanding Tenants. Let’s face it: not all tenants have realistic expectations. Some people are always bothered by something: their neighbor’s dog, noise or property management issues. How can you avoid dealing with people who are always displeased with you and your property? First of all, you should be able to separate justified complaints from the ones that do not have a solid fundament. For example, a tenant has all the reasons in the world to complain about a broken pipe that has turned your bathroom into a pool. As soon as your tenants signal a problem and request repairs you should pay them a visit and inspect the property. Note that you could avoid contact with troublesome individuals by simply screening your tenants meticulously.

Vacancies. Dealing with vacancies for a long period of time can be scary. This is precisely why you should use all the tools and services available out there to promote your Californian rental in the most effective manner. Explore both online and offline channels to attract tenants. Start by listing your property with Apartment Hunterz and benefit from the highest level of exposure. A partnership with California’s largest apartment finding service can help you reach a large audience (this platform gathers no less than 20,000 unique visitors on a daily basis), market your house or apartment the easy way, get in touch with potential tenants online, handle less paperwork and close a great deal in a matter of a few days. Give this premium service a try and see how it can actually turn landlordship into a wonderful experience.

Mar 2015

6 Things That Tenants Never Want to Hear Before, During or After Their First House Hunt

iStock_000033900152_SmallRenting a nice house or apartment in the state of California can give you the opportunity to see more than a few spectacular places, travel extensively, get a fabulous tan on the beach, find new hobbies, change dozens of jobs, pursue new career ambitions and meet new people. In other words, a new roof over your head located in Cali can keep you quite busy and satisfied on a day-to-day basis.

Understanding the Mechanism of the Californian Real Estate Market

Nonetheless, finding a good rental property that could be cataloged as a total steal isn’t exactly an easy task. On the contrary, potential tenants have a lot of competition. Let’s face it: who would miss out on the opportunity to rent a modern apartment with an amazing view for less than 1,000 dollars per month? While the real estate market is definitely hiding more than a few appealing offers that one may considered a real bargain, such deals often come and go in a matter of a few seconds. This is precisely why you should stay active and consistent during your house hunt to spot a fabulous rental matching your budget before anyone else. In other words, in order to become a happy tenant, you must track down and compare listings while they’re still hot. In-depth research and proper preparation can help you prevent disappointment and misguided decisions. In case you want to prep yourself for success and anticipate all the negativity, drama and potential scams that could come from a potential property owner, keep reading to discover a list of things that no tenant would ever like to hear from his or her new landlord.

  1. “We Don’t Have to Put Everything in Writing”. Actually, it is highly recommended to put all the important aspects of your rental agreement in writing. This is the easiest way to prevent misunderstandings and fraudulent schemes. Pay special attention to the rights and responsibilities that you would have as a tenant and don’t forget to scan and filter all the details related to potential penalties and rental expenses.
  2. “You’ll Never Find a Cheaper Rental in This Area”. This is one of the common tricks that landlords still rely on to justify their rental rates and convince inexperienced tenants that they will never be able to find a better deal in the same ZIP code. Just because your landlord tells you that his rental is a real bargain, this doesn’t mean that it’s true. Fortunately, now you can understand and analyze the local real estate market by conducting research online. With a few clicks, you can start your house or apartment search while browsing through hundreds of interesting listings brought to you by Apartment Hunterz. Feel free to target certain neighborhoods and be as specific as you want. Most apartment finding services rely on an advanced search engine allowing you to perform a personalized search based on the criteria that matter to you the most, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, amenities, age and current condition, location and price tag. If a landlord keeps telling you that his rental is the most convenient one available in a certain area, you can always count on the latest listings available online to prove him wrong.
  3. “Your Noise Complains Are Not One of My Concerns” At some point, you may realize that all the other tenants have no respect for quite hours. They wouldn’t hesitate to listen to their favorite rock tunes while cleaning and vacuuming their carpets on a Sunday morning. Other neighbors quarrel all the time and you simply want to put an end to this uncomfortable situation. A landlord who doesn’t have your back in this case is probably unwilling to respond to your requests and suggestions in general; and you definitely wouldn’t want to be dealing with such careless people, especially when your wellbeing is directly influenced by their actions.
  4. “Talk to the Other Tenants And Try to Solve Parking Issues on Your Own”. Every tenant should have his or her own designated parking spot. Moreover, a landlord with a positive problem-solving attitude would normally do everything in his power (including a quick phone call to the local towing company) to make sure that parking issues are no longer fueling a conflict between tenants.
  5. “I’ll Fix This another Day, I’m So Busy Right Now”. All tenants want to profit from a high level of comfort ensured by a properly maintained rental property. This means that they are unwilling to deal with malfunctions requiring repairs that would automatically involve out-of-pocket expenses. Landlords have the obligation to offer tenants the chance to occupy a livable, perfectly safe property. Those who postpone urgent repairs inevitably lower their tenants’ comfort; not to mention the fact that property owners who ignore potential safety hazards expose themselves to major legal consequences.
  6. “Sorry, It’s Rented!” You spend a few hours checking out ads, visualizing different pictures and enjoying virtual tours. At the end of the day, you narrow down your search and get the contact information of a few landlords. You call them and hear the same old story over and over again: “I’m sorry, this property is no longer on the market”. How frustrating is this? At Apartment Hunterz, we understand the fact that you wish to keep an eye on the Californian real estate market without being forced to stumble across outdated listings. This is why we bring you the largest collection of recent, verified listings, allowing you to retrieve the right rentals fast and effortlessly, based on their specific location, price, amenities and various other important factors that could influence your search. California’s largest apartment finder makes it easier for you to start and end a fun, success-oriented house hunt and avoid the nonsense and real estate scams that could complicate your existence even further.


Mar 2015