Tips for Dealing with Bad Neighbors

For RentIn an apartment complex, you have many neighbors to deal with. It’s likely you’re sharing a wall (or two), floor and ceiling with other people. It doesn’t matter how great the apartment is, there will come a time you have to deal with your neighbors — and not in a good way. But before you storm over there ready to share your opinion, take in these tips for dealing with your difficult neighbors. 

What Does the Lease Say?

Some leases have strict noise restrictions. If your neighbors are being loud past 10:00pm and your lease restricts that, bring it up with your property owner. It is important to point out lease violations to your property owner, because if there is ever an issue between the other tenant and yourself, you will already have proof they have violated their rental contract.

See If the Other Neighbors Agree

Ask the other, non-offending neighbors if they have the same concerns as you do. While you might be annoyed, it might not be something that is bothering all of your neighbors. By making sure you’re justified, you can avoid any headaches when you do confront your neighbor.

Always Be Nice

Your neighbor might be annoying you, but that doesn’t mean they’re doing it intentionally or even realize they are annoying you. Sometimes all it takes is a polite confrontation with your neighbor to let them know how much they are bugging you. They may even hear out your concerns and fix the problem — but if you walk in there rude and ready to fight, it is unlikely you’ll get very far.

Are You Noisy Too?

Before you start going around and accusing your neighbors of being annoying, make sure you’re not equally loud and disruptive to your neighbors.

Get the Landlord Involved

After you have discussed the issue with your neighbor and the problem is not resolved, the next step is to tell your landlord. Give them a call and discuss your concerns with them. This is a good time to point out any lease violations, but also let them know you have already spoken to the neighbor with no results.

Write It All Down

Every time you have a noise disturbance or you speak to your neighbor about it, write it down. If you discuss it with your landlord, write that down too. This is important. Because if your property owner doesn’t take action against the disturbances, you may have a case for breaking your lease, but you need accurate documentation to prove your case.