Could You Actually Afford to Live in Long Beach, California?

Long Beach HarborLong Beach is a beautiful city from the Los Angeles County, situated in southern California. The land of the tanned bikini bodies, upscale shopping centers and clean, sandy beaches, this city will also amaze you with different categories of local attractions, daytime and nighttime entertainment options and fairly priced accommodation alternatives. But the million dollar question is this: could you really afford to relocate to Long Beach or would this move threaten your precarious financial balance? Let’s put things in perspective.

Estimating Daily Expenses That You May Have to Cope with in Long Beach, California

Using an online calculator, you can estimate the average cost of living for any American city that may interest you, including Long Beach California. You can actually determine and compare price tags attached to different items and services that you pay for on a daily basis, including a restaurant meal for X people, groceries, coffee, or several essentials that you may have to purchase every once in a while, like shoes and clothing items for instance. Using this info you can find out whether or not relocating to Long Beach, California would be a smart move for you and your family. Overall, the cost of living in Long Beach is estimated at 157.90, a bit higher than 100, representing the U.S. average.

Keeping an Eye Open for Career Opportunities in Long Beach, California

You should know that Long Beach is one of the most prominent maritime centers in the United States. It supports the thriving oil industry, due to its many wells placed both offshore and underground. Some of the most renowned local manufacturing sectors revolve around home furnishings, audiovisual equipment, auto parts, aircrafts and electronic equipment. This city also headquarters many reputable giant corporations, like Molina Healthcare, Epson America and SCAN Health Plan and many others. This could only mean one thing: the variety of awesome job opportunities available in this area will allow you to build a solid career from scratch, pay your bills on time and support a more than satisfactory lifestyle.

Analyzing the Local Real Estate Market

Once you takea closer look at several online listings, you realize that most Long Beach accommodation options are not as expensive as you though they would be, considering their superb location. As a matter of fact, you could always find a decent apartment on Locust Ave, Pine Ave or Clair Del Ave, which won’t cost you more than 1,500 dollars a month.

Bottom line: Long Beach, California is a great place to start a family, pursue a new job opportunity or simply start fresh in an urban area with amazing storefront accommodation options, gorgeous views and exciting leisure activities. While life in Long Beach, California is definitely not for the financially challenged individuals, it can meet and even exceed your expectations as long as monitor your expenses on a regular basis and take advantage of the amazing employment opportunities that this area has to offer to a specialized workforce.

Jul 2014

5 Benefits to Downsizing Your Long Beach Apartment Square Footage

couple at their new empty apartmentWhen you first signed for your apartment, you had big plans. So you wanted the extra square footage and the spare bedroom. But now that your lease is ending, it’s time to decide whether or not you should downsize or stay where you are. There are some surprising benefits to downsizing your apartment and if you’re on the fence, consider the benefits of getting a smaller place first.

You Save Money

In Long Beach, rental rates aren’t cheap. So if you’re looking to save some money each month, downsizing to a smaller apartment can do it. But, you’re not just saving on your rental payment each month — you’re also saving on utilities when you have a smaller apartment. If your rental insurance is based on square footage, you’ll save money there too. And, if you have been living on a tight budget, that extra savings could go a long way.

More Money Savings Means More Opportunities for You

Whenever you have more money in your budget, there are more opportunities. Perhaps you have been dying to go to more concerts, and now you have the extra cash to do so. Maybe you have wanted to join a gym, but didn’t have the cash. By reducing your rent and expenses, you can afford that gym membership — who knows maybe the smaller apartment unit will come with a community gym.

Your Chores Are Downsized Too

If you’re not the type that enjoys housework, you’re in luck. When you downsize your apartment, you also downsize your chore list. Instead of two bathrooms to clean, you just have one. Instead of a living room and dining room, you have one common living area to clean up. It’s simple: the less square footage you have, the less you have to clean.

It’s An Opportunity to Downsize the Clutter Too

It’s easy to stock up on clutter and useless items when you have the square footage to spare. But, if you downsize to a smaller unit you can use that opportunity to downsize the clutter too. You won’t make as many unnecessary purchases for your home either — because now that you are in a smaller unit, you won’t have the extra storage space for them. This may help you save money too.

Organization is a Breeze

Organizing a bigger space isn’t always easy. But, when you downsize and reduce the clutter, your organization becomes easier. Also, you’ll be forced to use more space-saving creativity when you do organize the new apartment.

If you have been on the fence about downsizing, consider the benefits. In Long Beach, the savings of moving from a two bedroom to a one bedroom could be considerable. 

Apr 2014

Long Beach Offers Free Nicotine Replacement Therapy

The City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services (Health Department) is informing residents who want to stop smoking that they now have another resource to help them quit.  All Los Angeles County residents are now eligible to receive a free 1-month supply of nicotine patches by calling 1-800-NO-BUTTS.

The free nicotine patches are being distributed through the California Smoker’s Helpline (1-800-NO-BUTTS), which offers multi-lingual services including Spanish, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Korean. The Helpline is a free telephone counseling resource to help smokers develop a quit plan and assist them through the quit process.  Applicants for the free nicotine patches must be over the age of 18 and have a Los Angeles County mailing address.

For more information regarding the Health Department Tobacco Education Program, please contact Eipryl Tello, Interim Tobacco Education Program Coordinator, at 562-570-7950 or visit

Sep 2011
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