How to Choose the Perfect Los Angeles Rental Based on Location

Downtown Los AngelesThere are literally one million things that could bring you to Los Angeles. Whether you have to attend a convention or the hottest sporting event of the year, wish to enjoy a relaxing family vacation or plan to kiss your single life goodbye in one of the hottest clubs in California, the City of Angels can respond to all your needs and demands. But when it comes to finding the most convenient rental property in LA, there is one crucial factor that you should take into consideration: its location. The wrong location can force you to cope with a long list of negative factors, like elevated noise levels, hectic traffic and tiresome commutes. This is precisely why it is so important to judge all accommodation options not only based on their price tag, but also based on their specific location. Here are a few tips that could simplify your selection process.

  1. Determine How Much Money You Can Realistically Afford to Spend on Your Rental

Not all Los Angeles neighborhoods will make you feel like you’re the poorest, most humble creature on the planet. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few parts of LA that are suitable for budget-conscious families seeking a decent rental in a safe neighborhood. Sure, you probably won’t get to live next door to your favorite celebs and the best entertainment options would probably involve a fairly long drive, but neighborhoods like Cypress Park, Canoga Park, Northern Sherman Oaks or Palms represent excellent choices when you’re looking forward to renting a place in LA on a tight budget (under $1,000/month for a small apartment).

  1. Analyze Different Housing Options with Your End Goals in Mind

What exactly will you be doing in Los Angeles and for how long? It is imperative to ask yourself this question before going any further. Every part of Los Angeles has a different vibe and offers you various options in terms of daytime and nighttime entertainment. For instance, Downtown LA is the natural choice for those who wish to do a little bit of shopping and discover the historical and cultural heritage of this vibrant city. Beverly Hills is the area with the most elevated concentration of high-end boutiques and luxury rentals and a clear focus on fine dining and clubbing. Therefore, set your priorities straight and choose the location of your preferred rentals based on how you plan to spend your spare time in LA.

  1. Get Expert Help by Involving Apartment Hunterz in Your Search

Let’s face it: it is never easy to find great deals on the Californian real estate market, especially when you are not familiar with the particularities of a certain city whose rental properties are constantly hunted by both tourists and newcomers. To stay one step ahead of your competition without wasting your money on an endless, pointless search choose to let an expert guide you towards the property of your dreams. Browse through the ample collection of listings that Apartment Hunterz puts at your disposal and circle the ones that make sense to you. Why complicate your existence, when you can spot the most convenient offers via professional apartment locating services that are actually accessible and effective?

Dec 2014

5 Nice Neighborhoods in Los Angeles Where You Can Find a Decent Place Without Breaking the Bank

Los AngelesLos Angeles seems to be the place where all dreams come true. LA has everything you could ever ask for, including the hottest beaches on the planet, the most amazing bikini bodies, the best pieces of real estate, the trendiest boutiques and the most refined clubs and bars. Nonetheless, we all know that living in Los Angeles is not always easy, especially when you are constantly intimidated by the bills that are piling up on a monthly basis. While it’s fairly true that the City of Angeles is the playground of the rich and famous, this doesn’t mean that you should abandon your hopes of finding an affordable rental in a safe and decent ZIP code. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few LA-based neighborhoods that provide plenty of attractive for rent properties that will most likely live up to your expectations. Here are five great options that you should target during your first Los Angeles house hunt.

Cypress Park. Located right between Mount Washington and Eagle Rock, Cypress Park is all about greenery, curvy streets and big parks where you could walk your dog or spend some quality time with your family. Most importantly, here is the place where you could spot a spacious 2-bedroom apartment priced below $1,700/month.

Canoga Park. Canoga Park is considered the poor man’s version of the picturesque Woodland Hills. People who live here are only a very short drive away from Malibu. They hang out at the mall (here you’ll find not one, but two Westfield malls), eat the finest Indian food and spend less than what you would expect on rented apartments. With a little bit of research and patience, you could find a 1-bedroom apartment for less than $900/month.

Historic Filipinotown. Echo Park is all about diversity, great entertainment options and beautiful views. But to be frank, this place is also a tad too expensive. Looking for something a little bit more affordable, in the same area? In this case, why not try your luck in Historic Filipinotown? Sure, in this area you could be bothered by police sirens every once in a while, but at the end of the day it will all be worth it, taking into consideration the fact that here you could spot decent one-bedroom properties below $1,000 per month.

Palms. Let’s put it this way: Palms isn’t exactly very generous when it comes to providing entertainment and fine wining and dining choices. On the other side of the coin, it encompasses huge apartment buildings where you could find cute apartments that won’t force you to spend more than $1,000 on rent on a monthly basis. As a plus, if you ever get bored, you can always jump in your car and head towards the pricy Culver City, where you could find everything that you may be missing out on in Palms.

You don’t have to lose a wink of sleep to find the affordable rental that you have always pictured in your head. By checking out the listings brought to you by Apartment Hunterz you can increase your chances of identifying a nice for rent or for sale property matching your specific selection criteria.

Dec 2014

Districts and Neighborhoods That You Should Check out in Los Angeles

Photo credit: iStock Photo

Photo credit: iStock Photo

Regardless of your social status, personal preferences and goals in life, Los Angeles has what it takes to trigger your complete satisfaction. From clubs to posh restaurants, gorgeous accommodation options and fantastic shopping venues to beautiful settings and popular landmarks, this vibrant city has everything covered.  So where exactly should you set camp? We give you a list of the hottest neighborhoods in LA where you could spend a few nights, find a long-term rental and enjoy the best things that this diverse environment has to offer.

Set Your Priorities Straight. You should start your search by analyzing your priorities. Are you a passionate clubber? Will you be travelling with your youngsters and your elder relatives? For how long will you be staying in LA and most importantly, how much more are you willing to shed on your ideal housing option?  For example, Hollywood is the perfect spot for those who have a thing for the Universal Studios and Walk of Fame. Glamorous and dynamic, it has very few aspects in common with Westwood, which is characterized by a rather low-spirited nightlife.

Hollywood. Hollywood is definitely a corner of paradise for young adults who are very fond of the clubbing scene. Encompassing some of the trendiest bars, discos and restaurants, Hollywood will never give you time to get bored. Safe and fairly quiet at night, Hollywood could also be a good option for families with kids.

Downtown LA. If you don’t plan on going to the beach on a daily basis and can’t afford to spend a small fortune on a beachfront property, chances are that you are already targeting a fantastic property in Downtown LA. Located furthers from the fine, soft sand, Downtown Los Angeles is known as a prominent business district that comprises some of the most renowned restaurants in this area and exceptional nightlife. Although you won’t be staying in the heart of the city, you can easily reach different other ZIP codes by train (the Union Station), bus or via the subway system.

Westwood. Looking for a much more peaceful ambiance? In this case, consider renting a place in Westwood village. This commercial district has gradually made a name for itself mostly due to its prime location; it manages to attract students like a magnet simply because it is situated within walking distance of UCLA. Fine wining and dining, great shopping venues and public transit to Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Santa Monica are a few other reasons why you should give Westwood a try. Still not convinced? In this case, remember that for a little over $1,200 per month you could get the keys to an elegant fully-furnished studio located in this area.

To unlock the most amazing deals in Los Angeles without losing your patience and most importantly, without throwing money out the window, let Apartment Hunterz come up with the best options. Whether you are looking for a short-term accommodation or something that could work for you in the long run, Apartment Hunterz has everything covered.

Nov 2014

Just Moved to Los Angeles? A Few Tips for Getting to Know the Area

forsalesignYou’re fresh into LA, welcome to southern California! The city of Los Angeles is really a package of multiple areas, which can make it quite intimidating if you’re not used to busy metropolitan areas. But, Los Angeles really isn’t too hard to figure out — as long as you know the basics. So, to help you get acquainted with your new neighborhood, we have a few tips for starting out in LA.

The Half Hour Rule

In Los Angeles, you can usually get from one end to the other in about a half hour. But, that’s when the freeways and streets are working in your favor. If you are trying to cross LA during rush hour, add a few hours to that mix to be more accurate. But, the good news is if you’re late in Los Angeles and just say it was traffic, most people understand.

Stick to the Streets — Avoid the Freeways

Los Angeles freeways — which are up to seven lanes wide in some areas of the city — are notorious for standing still during certain hours of the day. If you want to get anywhere, you’re better off staying on the city streets than hitting the highways. If traffic scares you or you just don’t like the idea of sitting at a standstill for long periods of time, then embrace walking — you’d be surprised how many Los Angeles natives walk everywhere they need to go.

No, You Really Won’t See Movie Stars

People come to Los Angeles with the assumption that they will see famous Hollywood actors at their local grocery store or they’ll accidentally bump into Cameron Diaz at Starbucks. No, it’s not true. Los Angeles has a booming population and the chances of you running into Hollywood’s finest in your neighborhood are slim to none — they have assistants to run errands for them. But, if you do happen to see one, use the proper etiquette and don’t bug them. Only the tourists bug actors out and about.

Weather, What Weather?

California is known for the consistent weather. If you’re worried about what you’re going to wear to work every day, keep it cool. California maintains a standard temperature of 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit on most days. Sure, they get the occasional chilly day, but these are few and far in between.

But, earthquakes are another story. They don’t have a season and they do hit unexpectedly. But, California has dozens of earthquakes every day you don’t feel — and the ones you do feel more like you’re rocking back and forth than a violent jolt.

Just Blend with the Rest of Us

In LA, it’s easy to spot someone that doesn’t belong. If you’re getting many looks on the streets or people are talking to you like a tourist, it’s time to change the way you look. You’ll notice most LA residents stick to jeans, t-shirts and sunglasses.

Apr 2014

Living on Your Own in Los Angeles? 5 Tips For Sticking to Your Budget

Young woman cleaning at home, she has a cleaning day and using aMoving out into your own apartment in Los Angeles is exciting. Whether you just got your own place or you’re moving out for the first time, you’re going to have a big financial responsibility on your hands. Most people are unaware of the financial burden of living on their own, especially in a pricey area like LA. Regardless of how comfortable your budget is right now, there are some ways you can ruin your budget. These five tips will help you avoid those budget woes and stay on track each month.

Pay Bills Before They’re Due

Don’t be late if you can. Late fees can add up and really hurt your budget. If you find yourself paying bills past their due date, make a habit of setting bill reminders — or have the bills automatically deduct from your account. If you can, pay the bills a few days before they’re due to make sure your account is credited and everything is processed.

Pay More on Credit Cards When You Can

If you have a credit card balance, pay extra when you can. Interest can really eat up your payments — making your balance stay almost the same. If you have the extra funds, put them on your credit cards first. The faster you pay off your credit card debt the faster you can add those monthly payments back into your budget.

Just Say No to Credit Cards

Credit cards are just a bad idea all around. Even if you owned a home, you should avoid credit cards. With rising interest, fees and late payments, it is easy to get in over your head. Avoid using your credit cards. If you want to buy something but don’t have the cash, wait until you do. Then, leave the credit cards for emergencies only.

Always Be Prepared

You should always be prepared for an emergency. That means putting ample money into your savings just in case you get sick, have to miss a few days of work, etc. As the year goes on in your new apartment, you’re going to have costs. Perhaps you need to buy a new couch or maybe your car got a flat tire. By having money in your savings you can handle these expenses without eating nothing but ramen for the week.

Know When to Ask for Help

Everyone gets in over their head every now and then. If you notice you’re struggling to pay your bills or make rent, talk to your property manager. Some offer late payment forgiveness or may let you out of your lease due to financial hardship. Turn to family and friends when you’re in dire situations. The faster you tackle a financial problem — and keep it from turning into serious debt — the better for your credit score and financial future.

Apr 2014