3 Ways to Spot the Best Rental Deals in Mission Viejo

Mother and children outside home for rentHome to a little over 96,000 people, Mission Viejo is a sought-after, affluent city situated in the southern part of Orange County. We can give you a virtually endless list of reasons why you should consider turning Mission Viejo into your new permanent location. The residents of this gorgeous city profit from a friendly semi arid Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures year-round and plenty of sunshine. Most of them have great jobs that enable them to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. The local real estate market is thriving and keeps encouraging newcomers to put down roots here. The neighborhoods surrounded by lines of perfectly manicured trees do not hide any dangers. As a matter of fact, Mission Viejo was named America’s safest neighborhood by Morgan Quitno Press. CQ Press listed it as the third safest city in the U.S. and the safest city in the state of California. All these positive aspects support your decision to relocate to Mission Viejo and find the best home for yourself and your loved ones. But how can you actually discover the hottest real estate deals without a hiring a realtor? Here are 3 foolproof methods to find a house or an apartment in Mission Viejo in a cost and time-efficient fashion.

Spend a Few Days in Mission Viejo

Here’s a first thought: maybe now’s the perfect moment to take some time off work, pack your bags and see what Mission Viejo has to offer. Find a good vacation rental with help from Apartment Hunterz and spend a few days in this lovely Californian city. Get familiar with its history, check out its attractions and weigh its potential. Some aspects may take you by surprise. For instance, did you know that Mission Viejo started as a humble sheep and cattle grazing land that was considered undevelopable in the 1960s? Two decades later, Mission Viejo was turned into a real gem under the expert guidance of Donald Bren, a famous urban planner whose fascination for the Spanish architecture is reflected by the bold, Mission Revival Style of the shopping centers and homes that one could find in this city. Eat and drink like a local; tour for rent and for sale properties. Meet landlords in person, discuss rates and get acquainted with the overall ambiance of this city. Who knows, after a few days spent in Mission Viejo you could decide to call your favorite moving company and start the relocation process much sooner than expected.

Check the Latest Real Estate Trends

Assuming that you want to do your homework before your trip to Mission Viejo, what are the first steps that you should take? First of all, try to discover, understand and analyze the latest local real estate trends. This will help you estimate listing prices, recent home sales prices, the price per square foot, rental rates in some of the most popular neighborhoods and so on. Hard numbers always point you in the right direction. For instance, according to Trulia, the median sales price for Mission Viejo-based homes is in the $581,000 range and reflects a 0.6% decline (the equivalent of $3,500), compared to the numbers reported during the previous quarter. Sales prices have undergone a 24.5% increase over the last five years, indicating that apartments and homes for sale are very desirable in this area. Buyers are targeting the best deals on the local real estate market, so you should hurry up and decide whether you wish to buy or rent a place in Mission Viejo. If you aren’t exactly tempted to invest a significant amount of money in a slice of real estate, remember that renting in Mission Viejo is a great idea regardless of your short and long-term goals, budget and other requirements. From small, elegant studios to 3, 4 and 5-bedroom houses, in Mission Viejo you can find any kind of accommodation option that you could dare to dream about. For example, a elegant townhouse equipment with all the amenities that you need in your life could be priced at $2,200 per month. Moreover, you could always start looking for more luxurious 4-bedroom properties that could cost you around $3,000 per month. In case you don’t need all this space and opulence to feel comfortable in your new home, remember that Mission Viejo also gives you access to lovely, modern apartment homes in the $1,300-$2,300 range. Choose the best options matching your budget and move to the next step.

Rely on Apartment Hunterz to Find the Very Best For Rent Properties in Mission Viejo

Let’s face it: a long vacation in Mission Viejo sounds great. Even the shortest trip would give you the opportunity to contemplate the amazing Spanish architecture, admire the tree-lined neighborhoods, make new friends, spend all your hard-earned cash during a relaxing shopping spree and tour different properties listed on the local real estate market. Unfortunately, at this point you can’t afford to pause the rest of your project, so your house hunt would just have to wait. On the other hand, remember that you could always focus on your daily assignments and still conduct a successful house or apartment search with a little bit of help from California’s favorite apartment finder. You just have to check out the latest listings provided by Apartment Hunterz, perform and save searches on a daily basis, compare different properties in terms of price tags and features and schedule a first meeting with dependable landlords who are ready and willing to fill their vacancies. Yes, you can do all this from your office. With a few clicks, you can land on the very best verified listings and make the first step towards renting a beautiful place for you and your family in Mission Viejo, or in any other Californian city that may appeal to you.

5 Things That You Will Simply Adore about Mission Viejo

MissionViejoMission Viejo is a fantastic city located in the southern side of Orange County, California. Home to less than 100,000 people, this city encompasses mostly residential areas, but also counts a few businesses and offices within its limits. Known for its tree-lined, quiet neighborhoods, Mission Viejo will stun you with at least 5 positive elements:

1. Low Crime Rates. Looking for a decent and quiet place that you could call home? Would you love to live in a small city where the odds of getting mugged are minimal? If so, pick Mission Viejo. According to CQ Press, it is the safest Californian city and the third safest in the U.S. In case acts of violence scare you more than anything else in this world, consider opting for one of the many attractive Mission Viejo rentals to raise your kids in a secure, nurturing environment.

2. The Weather. Those who are planning to move to Mission Viejo may want to pack some sunscreen. The weather here is nice most of the time, with mild temperatures and gentle sunrays during the entire year. The climate will always encourage you to dedicate more time to fun, leisure activities and stimulate you to become a real outdoor enthusiast.

3. Diverse Services and Recreation Opportunities. Did you know that Mission Viejo is home to the biggest hospital in the southern side of Orange County? Mission Hospital is known as a reputable regional trauma center. One other hospital located in this area provides premium care for kids, and the Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center could turn out to be an oasis of relaxation for your elderly.

4. A Man-Made Lake and Gorgeous Views. If your idea of paradise involves a gorgeous house on the lake, picturesque surroundings and amazing floraand fauna, then you’ve come to the right place. Lake Mission Viejo is a man-made translucent gem located in the city center, featuring swim beaches, condominiums, boat rentals and custom waterfront properties that are anything but cheap. All in all, even if you can’t afford to buy or rent a place in this area, you could still fill your lungs with fresh air, sit on the silky green grass, organize a picnic or enjoy the coolest water sports. It’s up to you how you spend your spare time. One thing’s certain though: Lake Mission Viejo hides some of the most attractive real estate jewels that are worth every single cent, mostly because they display an alluring old-meets-new style and send a very welcoming vibe.

5. The Local Real Estate Market. Want to rent a superb home in Mission Viejo? If so, act fast to get the best deals while they’re still hot. A small apartment in this city could be priced anywhere from 1,200 to 1,500 dollars/month.  A condo for rent could cost you around $2,700 per month, so Mission Viejo could be the ideal place for you if you plan to retire comfortably in a natural corner of heaven.

Jul 2014