5 Fun Things That You Can Do in Modesto

Two story single family house with drivewayAs the biggest city of Stanislaus County, Modesto takes pride in a sound economy, great surroundings and a warm community. In 2009, this Californian city was ranked by Forbes among the “Best-Bang-for-the-Buck” city, especially due to its affordable housing options and job forecast growth. Modesto takes pride in a wonderful geographical position, which enables its residents to spend a relaxing weekend and satisfy all their caprices in some of the most sought-after Californian cities surrounding Modesto. Just think about it: Modesto is situated in Central Valley, only 92 miles east of San Francisco, 90 miles north of Fresno and a little over 60 miles west of the famous Yosemite National Park. Assuming that one day you could actually get slapped by boredom in the face here in Modesto, you would just have to hop in your car, stop in the nearest city, find a decent vacation rental with help from Apartment Hunterz and enjoy a small vacation that will help you break the monotony. If you wish to visit Modesto and want to find the best ideas of activities that may raise your enthusiasm, here are our 5 top picks that you should consider.

  1. Visit the McHenry Mansion. If you love historic sites and landmarks, chances are that you will appreciate the décor and vibe of the McHenry Mansion. You can tour the property, dive into Modesto’s local history, and check out a generous collection of artifacts. The exhibits are great for both kids and adults and some of the best places to eat in Modesto are located within walking distance of the mansion. The visitor center/gift shop is absolutely incredible and gives you the opportunity to walk away with affordable souvenirs for all your loved one.
  2. Spend a Few Hours at Bellavagos Day Spa. Sometimes, all you need is a good massage therapist and a few moments of silence that you could enjoy while resting on a nice sofa with slices of cucumber on your eyelids. The Bellavagos Day Spa is one of the best Modesto-based facilities that can actually turn your dream into reality. This is the perfect environment where you could get a massage and forget everything about your daily worries.
  3. Check out Bingo Ranch Modesto. Located on Hoover Ave, Bingo Ranch Modesto is an excellent choice that will definitely be appreciated by bingo enthusiasts of all ages. The place is usually packed with people who share this interest, so you may want to book your corner in advance to reserve your portion of quality entertainment for a special night out.
  4. Give Stanislaus River Rafting a Try. The Stanislaus River Rafting gives you the opportunity to cool down during those hot summer months, burn a few calories and have the time of your life in the company of your friends. You can also stop at several beautiful sand beaches to rest, enjoy a frugal lunch and recharge your batteries for the rest of your rafting experience. To keep the fun going, just remember to pack plenty of food, beer, a dry change of clothes and sunscreen.
  5. Start Looking for a Nice Home in Modesto. You know what you are going to say: a house hunt is not exactly the fun activity that you had in mind when you packed your bags and bought your ticket to Modesto. Nonetheless, you should know that apartment or house searches can be quite entertaining these days, especially if you have the tools and expert support that you need to reduce costs and save time and energy. Apartment Hunterz gives you access to thousands of recent, verified listings and brings you the largest selection of California-based for rent properties that may interest. Don’t forget that Modesto counts on a diverse real estate market that keeps surprising newcomers with affordable for rent and for sale properties. The average price per square foot in this city is estimated at only $135. The median home sales price is in the $204,000 range, meaning that you wouldn’t have to get an extra job to be able to afford your own home in a decent neighborhood. According to Trulia, there are 611 houses in pre-foreclosure in Modesto and plenty of new homes and resale. This means that you have high odds of identifying the perfect apartment or house in your price range, equipped with all the amenities designed to make your life comfortable. In case you don’t feel ready for the kind of commitment that ownership usually involves, you could start your life in Modesto as a tenant. With Apartment Hunterz you can keep tabs on the most convenient rentals located in your neighborhoods of choice. In this area, you could get an elegant, cozy 4-bedroom house for less than $1,400 per month. A cute little townhouse with 2 bedrooms stretching on 900 square feet is priced at 850 dollars per month as we speak. Unlike other Californian cities that offer access to insanely expensive housing options that you wouldn’t be able to afford in a million years, Modesto is actually addressing the needs and demands of families and individuals with modest incomes. Even if you count on a very limited budget for your relocation, rest assured knowing that this city encompasses some of the cheapest and most welcoming rentals that you could ever find in the state of California. While finding the best deals on the local real estate market on your own can be tricky, a professional apartment scout could help you save some time and cash in the process.

If you’re looking for a nice new roof over your head in Modesto or in any other Californian city, Apartment Hunterz can give you a helping hand. Use this handy apartment finding service and turn your home search into one of the first nice memories that you could create in the sunny state of California.

Is the Modesto Real Estate Market Welcoming Newcomers with Modest Financial Possibilities?


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Modesto is one of those cool, vibrant California cities that never give you time to get bored. Regardless of which interests, hobbies and activities convince you to get out of bed every morning, Modesto will fuel your passions and give you something new to talk about on a daily basis. But the most important question that is probably tormenting you at this point is this: should you consider Modesto a great vacation destination, or should you actually make the first steps towards relocating to this city? Naturally, this dilemma triggers a series of additional concerns, like for instance: Would I be able to pay rent for a 3-bedroom house big enough to accommodate my entire family? Would it be wiser to rent or buy a place in this area? The good news is that you can find the most accurate answers to all these questions by simply taking a closer look at the most recent Modesto real estate trends.

Things That You Should Know about Modesto Home Standings

At this point, according to the statistics provided by Trulia, there are 463 homes for sale in Modesto. If you hurry up, you could attend almost a dozen open houses and increase your odds of finding the place that is just right for you. In addition, you should also know that the competition is pretty high, taking into consideration the fact that 2,220 properties have been sold recently in this area. This city also encompasses around 739 foreclosures and encourages you to contemplate a wide range of well-established houses and apartments that may meet your selection criteria.

Is the Modesto Real Estate Geared Towards the Needs and Possibilities of Families on Average Income?

These numbers bring us to the fundamental question listed above: could you actually afford to live in a Modesto-based house? According to the latest estimates unveiled by Trulia, the average price/square foot in this city is $135 and reflects a 15.4% increase compared to the values recorded last year, during the same period. The median sales price is estimated at only $203,205 (based on the data collected by Trulia after more than 700 home sales finalized in Modesto). The median home sales price has witnessed a growth of 16.1% (the equivalent of $28,250 dollars), compared to the numbers reported last year. All these indicators point in the same direction, suggesting that most American families that count on a constant source of income may have high odds of owning a property in Modesto in the near future. A little bit of research conducted to uncover the secrets of the local real estate market will make you realize that you could find 3-bedroom homes for rent ranging from $900 to $1,200 and up, depending on their specific location, condition and amenities.

When you feel like you don’t have a clue about how the local rental market works, remember that it is perfectly OK to ask for help. Rely on the skills, connections and expertise of Apartment Hunterz to move in your new home as soon as possible.

Nov 2014