How to Make Friends with Your New Neighbors

friendly-women-drinking-coffeeMoving into a new apartment complex can be daunting. You’re surrounded by new neighbors and you have to re-establish yourself in a new area. Luckily it is easier to adjust to a new area when you live in apartments — because everyone is close by and you have more candidates to add to your friend pool. So, if you find yourself being a little shy, here are some tips for making friends with your new neighbors.

Start Up the Conversation

If you see a new neighbor in the hall, near the mailboxes or even in the parking lot, approach them and talk to them. While that might seem obvious, use these opportunities to get talking with your neighbors. It helps you get to know who you’re living by, who you might be sharing a wall with, etc. Just by starting the conversation, you will be surprised to see just how easy it is to make new friends.

See About Community Groups

Most community centers offer group activities, such as sports or recreation. These are great for meeting new people in the area, networking and even opening up the door to new opportunities. Whether you love politics or you’re just looking to shoot some hoops at the local gym, you can meet new people who share similar interests with you. You might be surprised at how many people have also just moved to the area.

Try Social Networks

Social networks are becoming a fast way to meet new people in your new area — especially if you have moved from another state. Facebook, Pinterest and even a new social media network like Nextdoor can help you find people around you. Be cautious about the information you give out on these networking groups though — and only give out your personal information to people you know and trust.

Work and School

If you have moved for a new job or you’re attending a new school, seek out friends there. Most of the people you go to school with will live in the same area — or close to the same area — as you do. Your co-workers may have more of a commute, but you still interact with them every day and may be able to establish some friendships.

Remember It Takes Time

Moving to a new area is daunting. It will take time to adjust to the quirks of your neighborhood and even your apartment complex. Be patient and don’t try or expect to make a dozen new friends the first week you’re there.

Jun 2014