Cheapest Places in California Where You Could Rent a House or an Apartment

Shared ApartmentIt’s not always easy to start fresh in a big city, especially when you’re far from being financially independent. Even so, if you have been on your own two feet for most of your life, are self-motivated and wish to profit from the most tempting opportunities that your stay in California has to offer, chances are that you will fulfill all your goals in no time. Before you get all tangled up in more or less ambitious long-term plans, focus on the basics: where would you like to live? Or better yet, in which cities would you actually be able to afford to pay rent? If you are currently pinching pennies, you may want to relocate to a rural area, where you will spend less money on rent. However, do note that finding a proper job matching your qualifications can be quite tricky in this area.

Furthermore, two people who form a couple and count on minimum wages would be able to rent a house in several attractive northern parts of California, like Eureka, McKinnkeyville or Crescent City. In these parts of the state locals usually deal with a lot of fog, but this small inconvenience shouldn’t be considered a major drawback, especially when sunnier, warmer areas are only a short drive away.

Let’s Talk Money!

If you want to find a decent roof over your head without spending a fortune on your accommodation option, consider relocating to Eureka. Here you could get the keys to a 2,400 square feet house with 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms for only 800 dollars per month. If you were to share this property with one other couple you would experience tremendous savings and still enjoy a high level of privacy and comfort. Generally speaking, rentals are in the $750-1,700 range depending on size, exact location and amenities. Crescent City is another decent pick, especially if you want to save big on rent. In this area, you could find a 3-bedroom home that comes with key benefits such as on-site laundry or offsite parking for just a little over $750 per month. If you can afford to spend anywhere from $800 to $1,500 on rent, you will reach the conclusion that adapting to the new lifestyle in this city is fairly easy.

What Kind of Compromises Should You Actually Make?

Is it really worth it to rent a new place in a city that doesn’t really support your job-related ambitions? Should you target shabbier homes located in less chic neighborhoods with a high crime rate just because you want to cut down your monthly expenses? Of course not! It’s always better to dream big and find the simplest way to turn your fantasies into a part of your daily reality. Did you know that San Francisco is currently seen as the best places where you can kickstart your carrier? Finding a fabulous, fairly affordable home here or in any other prosperous and popular Californian city will become an easy task as long as you involve Apartment Hunterz in your search.

Sep 2014