5 Important Elements That Most People Neglect During Their Rental Hunt

Right Facing For Rent Real Estate Sign Over Clouds and Sunny SkyThe idea of starting fresh in Cali can get you super excited in no time. But even when you are overwhelmed by the great diversity of positive emotions that you are experiencing, you should be able to keep at least one foot on the ground. During your rental hunt, you should use every trick in the book to spend less money on rent and still make the most of an exceptional location, the ideal square footage and awesome amenities. While you’re on a quest to find the sweetest spot for your family, your patience and attention to detail will always be rewarded. Here are 5 aspects related to the Californian house hunt that are usually overlooked by overly enthusiastic tenant.

  1. A Nice Little Chat with the Neighbors. A chat with your potential new neighbors can be your moment of revelation. A polite “how are you?” type of visit may give you a heads-up on several facts that you may or may not like about your landlord and his policies and general attitude towards tenants. For instance, your neighbors may warn you that your landlord is a big fan of unannounced visits and can easily be labeled as a control freak.
  2. Checking the Cabinets and the Rugs. Cabinets and rugs usually reflect the impact of old and current issues that may force you to start looking for a new roof over your head. Do you dread the idea of sharing your space with pests that would also appreciate your cheese crackers? Want to know whether or not your rented space has a long history of plumbing problems resulting in leaks that are difficult to control? Well, in this case, your rugs, cabinets and flooring will provide the most accurate answers to these questions.
  3. Focusing on Small, yet Essential Amenities and Other Details. Before agreeing to sign on the dotted line just because “that walk-in closet is everything” or “that giant home theater and entertainment system is the answers to your prayers”, make sure all the tiny amenities that you usually take for granted (router, clocks, electrical sockets, oven, microwave, lamps and so on) are fully-functional.
  4. Taking Photos of Minor Imperfections Impacting the Looks and Feel of Your New Place. See something that you don’t like? A small crack in the wall or a small sign of wear and tear reflected by your flooring material is no big deal and will certainly not impact your level of comfort…unless you get blamed (and charged!) for these imperfections. To avoid this scenario, just take photos of the flaws that you find in the apartment during a first inspection and file them properly, after sending the copies to your landlord.
  5. Getting a Little Bit of Help to Speed Up the Home Hunting Process. Who can ignore the fact that the home hunt process involves quite a bit of legwork? It’s OK to admit that you are overwhelmed by the great diversity of Californian rentals. In this case, choose to turn to professional services ensured by the largest, most reputable apartment finder in California and enjoy a shorter, much more enjoyable rental search.
Sep 2014