5 Reasons Why Renting a House in California Will Always Be a Good Idea

Young couple looking at the blueprints of their new homeThe U.S.-based rental housing market has always delivered an incredibly diverse selection of homes designed to meet the expectations and financial possibilities of a broad category of individuals of all ages. According to the data provided by National Multifamily Housing Council, 43,431,904 households are currently renter-occupied, representing 35% of the U.S. total. Why are properties available for rent so incredibly popular? Could they be a good choice for you and your family? If you’re contemplating the idea of moving to California and starting your first house hunt, here are a few essential things that you should know about the benefits of renting, this state’s extremely competitive rental market and its best deals.

  1. A Rental Offers You the Highest Level of Flexibility. Are you an enthusiastic traveler who enjoys long vacations each year? Do you love the idea of investing small amounts of money in gorgeous vacation rentals allowing you to get acquainted with some of the trendiest California-based tourist hot spots? In this case, a rental that you could consider your temporary home may be the best option matching your housing needs.
  2. Rentals Are Perfect for People with Long-Term Commitment Issues. Convenient rentals are perfect for people who do not feel ready to put down roots in a certain area. After all, California’s list of natural and man-made wonders is extremely diverse and always gives you plenty of motives to relocate or at least travel extensively. Maybe this year you’ll want enjoy surfing, windsurfing or canoeing and kayaking tours in Santa Barbara for months in a row; the next year you may want to take a break from such adrenaline-filled experiences and just relax in a nice cottage in Napa Valley, visit vineyards and attend wine tastings. People discover new hobbies on a regular basis and their interests change in time. This is precisely why free spirits who are constantly tempted to try new things feel more comfortable renting than buying.
  3. With a Little Bit of Help, You Could Spot Incredible Deals on the Rental Market. Can you actually believe that an 850 sq ft. 1-bedroom apartment located on 3016 Waverly Dr in Los Angeles could cost you under $2,000 per month or that you wouldn’t have to spend more than $1,200 per month on an elegant studio situated on 351 Turk St. in San Francisco? Such amazing deals can be hard to come by, especially when you’re only relying on word of mouth to find the perfect rental that could be compatible with your thin budget. On the other hand, an inexpensive apartment finding service brings the most incredible deals at your fingertips, making it easier for you to profit from a fair price-quality relationship.
  4. Renting Is Almost Always the Most Convenient Option at Hand. Still wondering if you should rent or buy? You don’t have to see a financial advisor to get the most accurate answer to this question. These days, you could use free renting versus buying calculators available online to make an educated decision. These calculators enable you to identify the most cost-efficient alternative for you by factoring in all expenses that both renting and buying would imply. The results summary can help you decide whether you should rent or buy a place in California. After playing with different variables, you will most likely reach the conclusion that renting is the most convenient solution for you for a number of reasons. Rental rates that are lower than average, an extremely expensive housing market like the one in San Francisco, for example, and the chance to live on a bigger/better property that you could never be able to afford to buy represent the main reasons why so many people choose to become tenants these days.
  5. Renting an Apartment Has Just Gotten a Lot Easier

Last but not least, you should also know that apartment finding services have managed to improve the overall house hunting experience, by encouraging potential tenants to perform the following actions:

  • Compare different properties in terms of prices and features. These days, apartment finding services let you spot the best deals while getting familiar with the local real estate markets. You just have to select the city and neighborhood where you would like to live and analyze listings available in that particular area.
  • Check out photos and virtual tours to simplify their selection. Let’s face it: when you work 10 hours a day you can seldom make time to attend an open house. Fortunately, apartment finders let you take a look at high-resolution photos and virtual tours to identify your favorite accommodation options in only a few minutes, without actually leaving the office.
  • Save searches. By saving your daily searches you can save time and energy while conducting your house hunt online; not to mention the fact that a saved search enables you to revisit your favorites and compare their features the easy way.
  • Go through an ample collection of listings to be able to understand the realities of the local real estate market. Why hire a real estate agent when you can compare price tags and predict real estate trends on your own, by simply weighing the pros and cons of different listings available online?
  • Submit applications online. All tenants know just how stressful and time-consuming it can be to schedule face-to-face meetings with dozens of potential landlords just to apply for a certain rental unit? Now you can submit your applications online with just a few clicks.
  • Talk to landlords and property managers in real time, without making a single phone call. The iConnect feature brought to you by Apartment Hunterz makes it easier for you to get in touch with landlords and request all the additional details that you may need to simplify your home search. Using this feature, you can schedule in-person meetings with lessors the easy way.

If you’ve reached the conclusion that Californian for rent properties are your cup of tea, choose to find the ideal one for you and your family using the insight offered by Apartment Hunterz, California’s most trusted apartment finder.

5 Ways to Spend Less Money on Rent

Life in California is beYoung adults moving in new homeautiful, no doubt about it. But when you’re a young, ambitious person struggling to build a carrier or form a family in the most densely populated American state things can get tough. While juggling two jobs, you have to find a way you have to pay for your acting classes, eat well and stay in a decent place that one day you may be able to call home. As bills are piling up, you are probably wondering: would it be possible to spend less money on rent without being forced to sleep in creepy dorm-style rooms that defy all the basic rules of comfort? In case you are dealing with the same situation, here are 5 ways in which you can spend less money on rent using your imagination and your killer negotiation tactics.

1. Keep an Eye on Changes That May Appear on the Local Rental Market. Even if you have your heart set on a certain rental, don’t limit your own options. Check online listings periodically to identify potential increases and decreases in rental rates in your ZIP code and profit from the best deals that you may stumble across.

2. Focus on Commonalities. You may tend to think that you are your landlord have nothing in common. In this case you are terribly wrong. Just think about it: you are both trying to make more money! Explore this particularity that you share and let it work to your best advantage. For instance, promise that you won’t smoke or keep pets inside the apartment. This way, your landlord will manage to reduce his cleaning costs once you’re gone.

3. Barter for Your Favorite Housing Option. These days, low-income people who are desperately seeking a new roof over their heads would do just about anything to crash on a comfy couch. Most of them don’t hesitate to advertise their skills and put them at their landlord’s disposal. A great trade can help you save big on rental expenses and keep your renter happy at the same time. How convenient is this? You could cook, clean, fix things around the house, tend to the garden and do maintenance work. Any occupied property involves numerous activities that may require your participation. Just tell your landlord that you’d be interested in this type of arrangement and let things flow naturally towards a deeper collaboration between you too.

4. Provide a Referral for Your Landlord. Low occupancy is a major problem for most landlords. In case your renter has more than a few available rooms on his property, tell him that you could possibly bring a few new tenants in exchange for a small deduction.

5. Opt for a Roommate Matching Service. All tenants should be fully aware of the fact that they are dealing with a landlord’s market. In some cases, renters won’t agree to cut down the price tag of your property of choice. In this situation, you should probably find a cheaper place or decide to get a roommate. To simplify your mission, you could always count on a free roommate matching service designed to get you in touch with people who are dealing with the same problem and match your specific criteria.

Aug 2014