3 Ways in Which You Can Get More Exposure for Your Californian Rental Property

Realtor in empty apartment giving keysOver the last six months, you’ve done everything in your power to improve the looks and feel of your Californian rental property. You’ve fixed those awful cracks in the walls, changed the decking and you’ve even climbed on a ladder to repair those old gutters. You’ve also invested a lot of time and effort in a basic remodel project, conducted to make your rental seem more inviting and much more comfortable. All your efforts seem to have been in vain. Even after implementing all these positive changes, you are still having a hard time trying to fill your vacancy. Some people call but don’t show up. The ones who actually knock on your door don’t seem very determined and look like they’re going to search for the ideal home for ever. At the end of the day, you feel like your Californian rental isn’t properly promoted. How can you solve this pressing problem? Here are three simple tactics that you can apply to maximize the level of exposure of your rental property.

  1. Find a New Way to Get in Touch with Your Potential Tenants
    Let’s face it: these days, people love modern technology that enables them to save time. They order food, buy stuff and even find their soulmates online. The Internet has changed the way in which we socialize and do business. This being said, you should know that more and more people dislike the idea of submitting their rental application in person. You can stay on the same page with this category of tenants by simply choosing to use a reliable apartment scout as your intermediary. For instance, Apartment Hunterz puts its exclusive iConnect feature at your disposal. As a landlord, you would just have to upload the application in MS Word or PDF format and let potential candidates apply online.
  2. Rely on Uncomplicated Online Account Management
    The same type of apartment finding service gives you the opportunity to create and utilize an online account. You can use this account to post and update listings, perform credit checks, update your profile or improve the visibility of your online listings. All these tools and features enable you to bring and keep your rental property into the spotlight and maximize your odds of finding the perfect tenant.
  3. Great Listing Features and a Privileged Position in Search Engine Results
    We will let you in on a little secret: companies that are listed on the first pages in Google, Yahoo and Bing benefit from the highest level of visibility and attract new visitors like a magnet. By listing your property with Apartment Hunterz you automatically start to profit from a better position in search engine results. Using the most effective search engine optimization tactics, Apartment Hunterz is committed to bring your content in front of a larger audience that is looking for properties just like the one that you are trying to rent. Moreover, each listing is a new opportunity to attract clients. Comprising up to 12 photos, virtual tours (on demand) and a specific description focused on the strongest points of your Californian rental, this type of listing is your first tie with serious tenants who are looking for a new roof over their heads.

If you want to rent your house or apartment in California safely and conveniently, list it with Apartment Hunterz and start scheduling online appointments with potential tenants today.