8 Important Things That You Should Know before Investing in Renters Insurance

Paper cut of family with house and car on green grassMany people love the idea of living in a rented apartment or house, simply because they are not very fond of long-term commitments. They understand the responsibilities implied by ownership and want to avoid them at all costs. Truth be told, the thought that you can always rely on your landlord to solve potential property-related crises rapidly and stress-free can be quite reassuring. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that tenants are safeguarded from all categories of risk factors. One day, you could become the target of a burglary attempt; or one of your guests could become the victim of a slip and fall accident on your steps. How could you protect yourself from the legal consequences associated with such unpleasant events? The answer is simple: get a renters insurance policy. Here are a few important aspects that you should consider before actually taking this step.

  1. Renters Insurance Offers Third-Party Liability Protection. Unlike landlord’s insurance, renters’ insurance covers the damages recorded by your guests on your premises. Moreover, this type of policy could also help you cope with the expenses associated with an expensive item that one of your visitors decided to bring on your property. For instance, your best friend may trip on your carpet, fall on his expensive violin and break his ankle. Fortunately, in this case, your renters’ insurance policy could take care of everything, including the expenses associated with your friend’s injury and material losses.
  2. Renters Insurance Would Help You Pay for a New Place If Your Current Home Were to Become Uninhabitable. Picture this: at some point, a natural or man-made disaster could wipe your rented property off the face of the earth, or at least make it completely inhabitable. In this situation, your insurance policy would give you access to the amount of money that you would need to rent a comparable house or an apartment during such a difficult period of transition.
  3. Renters Insurance Lets You Protect the Valuables in Your Home. Who or what can protect the fortunate tenants who store high-value jewelry, works of art and other costly personal belongings in their homes? If you’re not interested in state-of-the-art security systems designed to keep burglary risks at bay, at least invest in a good renters’ insurance policy that would cover your valuable belongings in the event of a theft or an act of vandalism. However, do keep in mind that most policies offer a limit amount of money when it comes to replacing expensive goods that have been destroyed or stolen on your property. In some cases, you may need to pay extra for an additional policy to benefit from an adequate level of coverage, so make sure you read the contract multiple times before actually signing it.
  4. A Good Policy May Also Cover the Items That You Usually Take Outside Your Home. Want to protect the goods that you usually carry around with you every single day? Renters’ policies also cover such “mobile” personal belongings, such as laptops, for example.
  5. Under Certain Circumstances, You Can Benefit from Considerable Discounts. If you’re the type of person who is always looking for a better deal, you should know that you can benefit from a wide range of considerable insurance discounts for your property. For example, you could unlock additional savings by choosing to purchase car insurance and/or life insurance and various other types of policies from the same provider. Also, you could install smoke alarms and security systems inside your Californian rental; this is another valid strategy that could enable you to save a few dollars on your purchase.
  6. Certain Aspects May Prevent You from Getting Great Renters’ Insurance. As you may imagine, insurance companies do everything in their power to protect their own interest. This means that they do a great job at identifying and addressing risk factors that could turn you into a high-risk candidate. Dog breeds that are considered aggressive are only one of the many elements that appear as potentially dangerous in the eyes of insurers. Yes, you’ve got that right: your very own Fido could stop you from getting a better deal while shopping around for renters’ insurance.
  7. There Are Various Types of Renters Insurance Policies That You Should Consider. There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” type of insurance policy. On the contrary, you can create a plan that matches your specific necessities and demands by adding or removing policies. For instance, you may feel the need to spend your money on a policy that only protects your personal property; or perhaps you could like to pay only for third-party liability protection. You could also choose to get a combination of these two options. At the end of the day, renters’ insurance gives you plenty of freedom of choice and numerous benefits.
  8. It’s Always a Good Idea to Perform an Inventory Check before Buying Insurance. How many high-value items do you actually keep inside your house? How much are they worth? You can answer all these questions by touring your property and taking a look around. This simple process will help you determine how much coverage your rental property actually requires. Zealous people go the extra mile to protect their home and personal belongings and usually take pictures that reflect the value and current condition of their goods.

You can save yourself a lot of trouble by simply buying the right type of insurance policy. If you’re still stuck in the apartment search phase, remember that Apartment Hunterz is your trusted partner when it comes to organizing an efficient house hunt. Just check out the verified, recent listings offered by California’s largest apartment finder, connect with hundreds of landlords and property managers and find yourself a new, welcoming home in less than a week.

Apr 2015

5 Things That All Californian Landlords Need to Find the Right Tenants Fast

Couple holding hands with house as a backgroundIn the sunny state of California there are thousands of people who would fight tooth and nail to find and occupy a great rental. Prospects who are targeting some of the most sought-after Californian cities are usually monitoring the local real estate market 24/7, hoping to profit from a better deal. Even if your “for rent” apartment or house is everything a tenant could ever wish for and more, you would still have to invest a great deal of time and energy in the right promotional strategies designed to make your property seem more desirable in the eyes of potential clients and increase its level of online visibility. Managing your listings can be quite difficult, especially when you own multiple rentals or when you have already been unsuccessfully trying to fill your vacancies for quite some time now. In this particular case, the services provided by a reputable Californian apartment finder can give you a helping hand, by offering you unlimited access to the five essential features that any landlord should count on to meet the right tenant rapidly and conveniently.

  1. A Bigger Online Audience. Building your audience on your own is no easy task, especially when you have very little time on your hands. Why waste time distributing flyers or relying exclusively on word-of-mouth when you can bring your ad in front of a larger public that is actually looking forward to hearing from you? Counting more than 5 million hits on a monthly basis, Apartment Hunterz is the apartment scout that lets you list your rental on a popular platform attracting thousands of potential tenants who are looking for a new roof over their heads in your own neighborhood.
  2. A Quicker, Smarter Way to Communicate with Potential Tenants. Wondering why you aren’t getting enough phone calls from people who might be interested in renting your property? Here’s one possible reason why the right tenant isn’t knocking on your door: maybe your house or apartment isn’t being promoted properly. Or maybe or tenants are looking for a simplest, more satisfying method to reach you. While sitting with his laptop on his lap, a potential tenant wants to be able to talk to you without actually making a phone call. The iConnect feature provided by Apartment Hunterz makes this possible. Using this service you can communicate with people looking for a new home with just a few clicks; not to mention the fact that candidates would be able to submit applications online and simplify their entire house hunt by using modern technology to their best advantage.
  3. A Maximum Level of Exposure. In order to fill your vacancies in a timely fashion, you need more than a large audience. You actually have to stay visible and active in an environment where people are searching for Californian rentals like the one that you own. With Apartment Hunterz, you can post listings that could attract approximately 20,000 unique visitors on a day-to-day basis. While counting on this type of exposure, you won’t need any other aces up your sleeve to market your Californian rental in a successful manner and meet the right tenant in record time. Apartment Hunterz makes sure that your listings get automatically emailed to numerous tenants who are looking forward to occupying a new Californian rental. All you have to do is to upload your form (in Word or PDF format) and let potential tenants submit their applications online.
  4. Diverse and Extremely Useful Listing Features. Let’s face it: newspaper ads can be quite boring and unremarkable. In this case, it’s all about a combination of square footage, amenities and price tags with reduced visual appeal. Readers may find it difficult to compare all these values, especially when these hard numbers aren’t accompanied by at least one suggestive photo reflecting the best features of the rentals in question. You can take your ad to a whole new level by counting on the services provided by a big Californian apartment finder. This way, you would be able to increase the attractiveness and expand the functionality of your listings by adding a few essential details, such as accurate, detailed descriptions, high-resolution photos and/or video tours. You can upload up to 12 photos of your rental and use the right descriptive terms of highlight the strongest points of your property. Because a short video is much more relevant than an entire collection of words and pictures, now you can also post a virtual tour allowing candidates to get familiar with the looks and vibe of your house or apartment without actually touring it in person. Virtual tours are extremely useful, as they give prospects the chance to narrow down their search and go in favor of properties represented by personalized listings, which are usually easier to evaluate.
  5. Comprehensive Management at Their Fingertips. Managing multiple listings is no easy task, especially when you’re trying to promote your property via a plethora of online and offline channels. What if someone told you that you could manage your online landlord account with just a few clicks, in a matter of a few minutes? There are so many things that you could do to keep your rental on the first page. The good news is that all these tasks can be completed in a time-effective manner. For example, you can compose, edit and post new listings; or you can retrieve some of your older listings and implement a series of changes. As a landlord, you can also make the most of free credit reports and free rentals forms. Moreover, if you get stuck at some point, all you have to do is call the landlord hotline and get the expert advice that you may require to make the best decisions. All these handy tools and services help you boost your odds of becoming a successful landlord. Give this apartment finding service a try, test its ample selection of features and start marketing your Californian rental with minimal effort.


Mar 2015

3 Things That Good Californian Tenants Absolutely Hate

iStock_000014915526_SmallAs a landlord, you’ve always wanted to improve your relationship with your tenants. These days, it can be somewhat difficult and time-consuming to find reliable people who meet all your criteria and wish to occupy your Californian rental property. Thanks to your tenant screening plan, you always manage to avoid problematic candidates who don’t count on a stable source of income, have a bad credit report or simply look like trouble. However, somewhere along the road you’ve also made your fair share of mistakes as a landlord. Despite the fact that you have always set up competitive rental rates, you have failed to keep your tenants satisfied in the long run. Why is that? Even the most low-key tenants have their limits. To find out how you may have managed to cross it (and how to prevent similar mistakes in the future), keep reading to discover 3 things that all Californian tenants hate with the same intensity.

  1. Frequent Disturbances. Tenants don’t like to be disturbed. Most of them are already under a lot of stress as is, and are virtually unable to cope with additional irritants. Frequent disturbances associated with noisy neighbors, traffic and household activities are among the most annoying ones. You may not be able to control the traffic to help your tenant lower his stress levels, but you certainly can refrain from mowing the lawn at 6 am on a Sunday.
  2. No Parking Spot. In some apartment complexes, seniority is the main criteria used to assign parking. Longevity in a particular building gives a tenant the right to occupy a good parking spot. Someone else’s car parked in their space is one of the main issues that bug good tenants. As a concerned landlord, you must make sure that the rules related to parking are understood and followed by all the people who live in your apartment complex. This means that you shouldn’t hesitate to write notices and warning letters to tenants who constantly break the rules; as a last-resort option you could also choose to call the tow truck.
  3. Ignored Repair Solicitations. As a landlord, you have the obligation to make sure that your Californian rental qualifies as a habitable environment. Moreover, it is your responsibility to keep it in excellent condition and address potential problems impacting the looks and functionality of your property, which have already been signaled by your tenants. If your refusal to make repairs were to trigger injuries sustained by your tenants or their guests, you would be exposed to major legal consequences. Nonetheless, you don’t have to be in this extreme position to understand that even minor glitches left unattended can upset or irritate the people who live in your rental house or apartment. Even a leak under the sink can force occupants to spend at least a couple hundred dollars on repairs. If you’re the type of tenant who is always absent, careless or reckless when it comes to handling repair requests, at some point your tenant will probably get tired of spending money out of his own pockets while dealing with urgent fixes in your absence.

So there you have it: now you know what not to do when trying to consolidate your relationship with your tenants. If you want to fill your vacancies fast and get more opportunities to perfect your landlord skills, list your property with Apartment Hunterz, California’s premier apartment finder, and start scheduling appointment with candidates online, rapidly and conveniently.

3 Ways in Which You Can Get More Exposure for Your Californian Rental Property

Realtor in empty apartment giving keysOver the last six months, you’ve done everything in your power to improve the looks and feel of your Californian rental property. You’ve fixed those awful cracks in the walls, changed the decking and you’ve even climbed on a ladder to repair those old gutters. You’ve also invested a lot of time and effort in a basic remodel project, conducted to make your rental seem more inviting and much more comfortable. All your efforts seem to have been in vain. Even after implementing all these positive changes, you are still having a hard time trying to fill your vacancy. Some people call but don’t show up. The ones who actually knock on your door don’t seem very determined and look like they’re going to search for the ideal home for ever. At the end of the day, you feel like your Californian rental isn’t properly promoted. How can you solve this pressing problem? Here are three simple tactics that you can apply to maximize the level of exposure of your rental property.

  1. Find a New Way to Get in Touch with Your Potential Tenants
    Let’s face it: these days, people love modern technology that enables them to save time. They order food, buy stuff and even find their soulmates online. The Internet has changed the way in which we socialize and do business. This being said, you should know that more and more people dislike the idea of submitting their rental application in person. You can stay on the same page with this category of tenants by simply choosing to use a reliable apartment scout as your intermediary. For instance, Apartment Hunterz puts its exclusive iConnect feature at your disposal. As a landlord, you would just have to upload the application in MS Word or PDF format and let potential candidates apply online.
  2. Rely on Uncomplicated Online Account Management
    The same type of apartment finding service gives you the opportunity to create and utilize an online account. You can use this account to post and update listings, perform credit checks, update your profile or improve the visibility of your online listings. All these tools and features enable you to bring and keep your rental property into the spotlight and maximize your odds of finding the perfect tenant.
  3. Great Listing Features and a Privileged Position in Search Engine Results
    We will let you in on a little secret: companies that are listed on the first pages in Google, Yahoo and Bing benefit from the highest level of visibility and attract new visitors like a magnet. By listing your property with Apartment Hunterz you automatically start to profit from a better position in search engine results. Using the most effective search engine optimization tactics, Apartment Hunterz is committed to bring your content in front of a larger audience that is looking for properties just like the one that you are trying to rent. Moreover, each listing is a new opportunity to attract clients. Comprising up to 12 photos, virtual tours (on demand) and a specific description focused on the strongest points of your Californian rental, this type of listing is your first tie with serious tenants who are looking for a new roof over their heads.

If you want to rent your house or apartment in California safely and conveniently, list it with Apartment Hunterz and start scheduling online appointments with potential tenants today.

5 Tips on How to Rent Your Californian Property Fast and Hassle-Free

Happy Young Hispanic Family in Front of Their New Home.These days, most people who live from paycheck to paycheck can’t actually afford to discover the pros and cons of ownership. Their hectic lifestyles, unexpected changes corrected with new job offers requiring a quick relocation and their semi-nomadic existence are other factors that convince them to rent a place, instead of buying one. This is great news for Californian landlords who are striving to rent their properties. But finding the ideal tenant is no easy task. How can you screen potential candidates rapidly and effectively? Here are a few pointers that you should consider before trying to promote your “for rent” property on the Californian market.

  1. Make Your Home Seem More Inviting
    Start with the basics: make your rental seem cozy and customizable. This doesn’t mean that you have to invest time, money and energy in a complex remodel project. Just think about the tiny details that could turn your house or apartment into a more welcoming environment and fix potential issues (plumbing or electrical glitches or pest problems) that could make the lives of your tenants a living hell. At the end of the day, don’t forget to remove unnecessary clutter, add a fresh coat of quality paint, cut the lawn and get ready to welcome your new tenants in style.
  2. Set a Decent Monthly Rent
    Go online and start looking for rentals in your ZIP code. A quick comparison based on square footage, specific location and amenities will enable you to set a fair monthly rent. Overpricing your property won’t do you any good, as inflated rates will only deter potential tenants.
  3. Promote Your House in an Effective Manner
    Use both online and offline channels to promote your rental property. Word-of-mouth is also very effective when it comes to finding new tenants for a property that you are trying to rent.
  4. Don’t Forget to Screen Your Tenants
    Don’t forget that there are a few aspects that you should focus on before giving the keys to your apartment to someone who is basically a complete stranger. Criminal history, credit history and tenant behavior are the main elements that could help you determine whether or not a certain individual would have what it takes to become a good tenant. If you want to rest assured knowing that your Californian rental is in good hands at all times, you should consider relying on a trustworthy property management company. Also, you should also know that third-party companies can take care of tenant screening, allowing you to get this weight off your shoulders.
  5. Rely on an Apartment Finding Service
    Wouldn’t you want to find someone who could promote your Californian rental properly and help you find great tenants in only a few days? Apartment Hunterz makes this possible, by putting you in direct contact with the right people who are looking for housing accommodations like the ones that you provide. The Landlord Center gives you access to all the tools that you could ever require to fill your vacancy; not to mention the fact that the largest apartment finder also lets you profit from additional services that you can unlock by simply creating a free landlord account. Give this system a try and find out how you could meet the most dependable tenants in only three days.
Jan 2015