Finding the Best Californian Cities That Are Perfect for Young Families with Kids

young family on the beach,focus is mainyly on the mothers faceWhen it comes to moving to a different city, young families with kids are usually looking for answers to millions of questions related to upcoming house hunt, potential remodel projects, new lifestyle choices and social integration. When you are struggling to handle 1,000 novelty factors threatening to turn your life upside down, how could you possibly make an informed decision and pick the city that stimulates your growth on all levels and addresses all your needs and demands? Before targeting rentals or for-sale properties in a certain ZIP code, you may want to discover the answers to the following questions:

Is the New Environment Safe? Your family’s safety should be your number one concern. Conduct an online search to identify the crime rates (based on crime statistics made public by the FBI) of your favorite cities.

Would I Be Able to Build a Career Here? Make sure you go for a prosperous, vibrant Californian city with lots of potential where various top-rated companies are headquartered. This way, it would be easier for you to connect with top employers and profit from job opportunities allowing you to count on a stable, satisfying source of income.

Would I Be Able to Handle Monthly Expenses? Families with kids have to juggle various responsibilities and adjust their monthly budget based on their new priorities. This is precisely why you should choose to relocate to a city that is not associated with a sky-high cost of living. Put things into perspective and determine how much money you would have to spend on rent, utilities, groceries and household supplies each month in your favorite ZIP codes. This type of basic calculations can help you steer in the right direction.

3 Options That Won’t Disappoint You

So now that you know what selection criteria you should set up to narrow down your search, take a closer look at 3 amazing Californian cities where young families with kids could decide to put down roots without any regrets.

1. Folsom. Located only 20 miles away from Sacramento, Folsom is all about fantastic parks, great schools and plenty of attractive job opportunities that you shouldn’t miss out on. This is the perfect mix of elements that works best for families with kids. Folsom is regarded as safe, welcoming and progressive.

2. Clovis. If you’re looking for a family-oriented community that still embraces good old fashioned values, choose to buy or rent in Clovis. Clovis will surprise you with clean, decent and safe neighborhoods where residents invest their time in several fun activities. Encompassing almost 300 acres of trails and parks, Clovis lets you discover the serenity and natural beauty of outdoor areas that invite you to relax, play sports and have fun with your youngsters all day long. Events like Big HAT Days and Clovis Rodeo bring people together and allow you to enchant all your senses with excellent music, food and art.

3. Yuba City. If you’d rather target new cities well-liked for their gorgeous surroundings and affordable housing options, you may want to consider moving to Yuba City. A studio with 2 bedrooms could cost you anywhere from 600 to 800 dollars in this city. Aside from its friendly real estate market, Yuba City is also famous for its chain of valley peaks reminding visitors of the intense volcanic activity that used to take place here almost 1 million years ago. Also, the Gauche Aquatic Park will provide countless entertainment options for all your family members and help you keep the fun going, day after day.

Once you find the Californian city where you would like to spend the rest of your days, count on Apartment Hunterz to spot the most convenient real estate jewels that match your specific needs and expectations.

Sep 2014

Rental Red Flags to Be on the Look Out For

Right Facing For Rent Real Estate Sign Over Clouds and Sunny SkyHunting for a new apartment isn’t easy. There are dozens to choose from, but they are all hard to decide. You like the area, but will you like the neighbors? How will the landlord be? While there is no 100 percent proven way to pick the perfect apartment, there are some red flags that are good indicators you might want to keep looking. So before you settle, check out these top red flags.

How is the Parking Lot?

How a property manager takes care of the parking lot is a good indicator of how they take care of the units and the rest of the property as well. If the parking stalls are cracked or there are missing lines in the parking lot, it tells you that management isn’t very concerned with the appearance of their property. Also, look for other signs of neglect. Is there a car that appears to be parked there for months? Does the manager allow junk vehicles covered in tarps to be parked in the corners?

Lack of Parking

While the appearance of the parking lot is okay, how is the parking situation in general? Is there enough space for you? Will there be assigned spots or does each tenant have to fight over what is available? Also, what is the situation for guests? Unfortunately, a lot of apartment complexes in the downtown area are severely limited on parking. Guests have to park on the street and some tenants have to wait for a reserved spot to open up — which could take months or the entire span of the lease.

What is the Current Tenant Situation?
Before you schedule an appointment to take a look at the inside, why don’t you show up early and just people watch. See what type of tenants are already living in the apartment and if they are going to mix with your personality.

Also, look around at how other tenants treat the complex. Look at balconies too. Are they cluttered in excess? Or does the property manager seem to have a hold on how people treat their units? Also, look at the trash dumpster. If it’s overflowing, not well kept or even closed in, that’s a good indicator that property management doesn’t care how tenants treat it and they don’t care how it looks.

Inspect the Apartment

If the property owner won’t let you thoroughly inspect a unit before renting it, it is a good indicator they have something to hide. Go through the unit and turn on everything — from lights to faucets to flushing toilets and turning on the oven. You want to make sure you’re getting a quality apartment and not moving into a headache.

Jun 2014