5 Ways to Spend Less Money on Rent

Life in California is beYoung adults moving in new homeautiful, no doubt about it. But when you’re a young, ambitious person struggling to build a carrier or form a family in the most densely populated American state things can get tough. While juggling two jobs, you have to find a way you have to pay for your acting classes, eat well and stay in a decent place that one day you may be able to call home. As bills are piling up, you are probably wondering: would it be possible to spend less money on rent without being forced to sleep in creepy dorm-style rooms that defy all the basic rules of comfort? In case you are dealing with the same situation, here are 5 ways in which you can spend less money on rent using your imagination and your killer negotiation tactics.

1. Keep an Eye on Changes That May Appear on the Local Rental Market. Even if you have your heart set on a certain rental, don’t limit your own options. Check online listings periodically to identify potential increases and decreases in rental rates in your ZIP code and profit from the best deals that you may stumble across.

2. Focus on Commonalities. You may tend to think that you are your landlord have nothing in common. In this case you are terribly wrong. Just think about it: you are both trying to make more money! Explore this particularity that you share and let it work to your best advantage. For instance, promise that you won’t smoke or keep pets inside the apartment. This way, your landlord will manage to reduce his cleaning costs once you’re gone.

3. Barter for Your Favorite Housing Option. These days, low-income people who are desperately seeking a new roof over their heads would do just about anything to crash on a comfy couch. Most of them don’t hesitate to advertise their skills and put them at their landlord’s disposal. A great trade can help you save big on rental expenses and keep your renter happy at the same time. How convenient is this? You could cook, clean, fix things around the house, tend to the garden and do maintenance work. Any occupied property involves numerous activities that may require your participation. Just tell your landlord that you’d be interested in this type of arrangement and let things flow naturally towards a deeper collaboration between you too.

4. Provide a Referral for Your Landlord. Low occupancy is a major problem for most landlords. In case your renter has more than a few available rooms on his property, tell him that you could possibly bring a few new tenants in exchange for a small deduction.

5. Opt for a Roommate Matching Service. All tenants should be fully aware of the fact that they are dealing with a landlord’s market. In some cases, renters won’t agree to cut down the price tag of your property of choice. In this situation, you should probably find a cheaper place or decide to get a roommate. To simplify your mission, you could always count on a free roommate matching service designed to get you in touch with people who are dealing with the same problem and match your specific criteria.

Aug 2014

5 Ways to Find the Most Attractive Rentals in Bakersfield

Right Facing For Rent Real Estate Sign Over Clouds and Sunny SkySituated only 110 miles away from Los Angeles and Fresno, Bakersfield is a good place to start a family, get a good job, find a convenient accommodation option and live life to the fullest. But when you live far away from this city, identifying the most attractive rentals and properties for sale can be quite a challenge. You don’t know have any ties in this areaand this is a major disadvantage; nonetheless you can eliminate this drawback by simply doing some research. Here are 5 foolproof waysin which you can get familiar with the local real estate market without losing a wink of sleep.

1. Read the Local Newspapers. Check out the local newspapers (both printed and online versions) and go to their ad section. Here you may be able to find fabulous apartments and houses for rent or for sale. Bakersfield.com, Bakersfieldcalifornian.com and TurnTo23.com are three excellent sources of information that offer you all the details that you may want to know related to different topics, including sports, local events and businesses and real estate.

2. Talk to People. If you wish to move to Bakersfield, you may want to start by enjoying a short vacation here. While you’re in this city, put your networking skills to good use. Go to a club. Attend a party. Talk to newspaper vendors, mailmen and clerks. There are the individuals who could help you find decent housing alternatives in your price range. In some cases, a knowledgeable newspaper seller who is overly talkative may be as informed as a real estate agent.

3. Check Online Listings. Surf the Internet to find the best Bakersfield accommodations that you would be able to afford. Use search engines and enter different key phrases (name of your favorite neighborhoods, zip code or type of rental) to conduct a more effective digital home hunt. While checking out rental directories, you could refine your search by specifying the selection criteria that are important to you, like for instance, the number of bedrooms/bathrooms, number of square feet, area, or price tag.

4. Go for a Drive. A drive or a longer walk will allow you to clear your head and reduce the stress triggered by your relocation process. Moreover, it will also enable you to identify for rent or for sale signs located in front of homes that may interest you. Next, you would just have to establish a meeting with the owner of the property, see the property, ask the right questions and sign on the dotted line.

5. Hire a Realtor. If you can’t waste any time finding a new home in Bakersfield and would rather let someone else handle the house hunt, hire a realtor. A specialist will be able to discover some of the best rentals that are in your price range. On top of that, you may also need expert advice when it comes to selecting the most adequate schools, commuting routes, neighborhoods and stores, so don’t hesitate to count on the insight of a truly dependable specialist who could make your relocation a whole lot easier.




Jul 2014

How to Get More Exposure for Your Rentals

Right Facing For Rent Real Estate Sign Over Clouds and Sunny SkyIt’s hard to get exposure for your apartments — unlike retail stores that can advertise sales, you have to rely on location, reputation and amenities. While you might not be able to hack off your prices, there are other ways you can get people in to look at your apartments and consider filling your vacancies. Some may cost a little money, some may require you to do a little leg work, but by maximizing the exposure your units get, you can increase the likelihood you fill your vacancies fast.

Host Special Offers

When holidays or special times roll around, have special offers. For example, for Christmas, you could offer $50 off for signing a lease as a Christmas gift. Special offers don’t require you to lower prices year round. Also, a special offer during a holiday is almost expected by consumers, which means they will be out searching for apartments and those offering holiday deals.

Create a Blog

Blogs help personalize your rentals. They let consumers know that real people are in your leasing office. You can use a blog to also promote your apartments, show off new amenities, etc. If you happen to have a special going on, use your blog to promote that special. Because your current residents are likely to follow the blog, bringing them up to speed on promotions could result in a referral.

List Online

If you aren’t listing your apartments online, now is the time. Most future renters look online for listings rather than the newspaper. You can show off what you have to offer, use pictures, and even list your specials through your online listing. But, make sure you’re clear about any rental rates, special offers and amenities. Take your time crafting your advertisement and use quality pictures too. The more time and effort you put into your online listing, the more likely people are to consider looking at your apartments.

Use Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest are all great for exposure. Share photos from your apartments, preview new and upcoming offers, and even use social media to grow awareness about your apartment complexes. Social media accounts are free and can help increase exposure.

Offer Coupons or Incentives

Sometimes people need incentives to rent. For example, you could offer $50 off next month’s rent for signing a lease. Or you can offer new renters a gift card to their favorite restaurant or clothing store for signing a lease with you. The more incentives you have out there, the more likely renters are to at least check out your vacant units.


Jun 2014