It’s Hard to Smoke in Richmond or Pleasant Hill

As of this year, two Bay area towns are among the toughest places in California to be a smoker. After getting failing grades from the American Lung Association, Richmond and Pleasant Hill have cracked down on public smoking in an effort to stop the spread of toxic secondhand smoke.

In Richmond, smoking is prohibited in all multi-family apartments and condominiums. This includes common areas like patios and decks. Smoking must take place at least 25 feet from the building.

Pleasant Hill bans smoking in all multi-family residences over four units. Even if your building is smaller than that, smoking must occur away from doors and windows, and it’s restricted to common areas over 20 feet from a protected apartment.

Fines for violators start at $100, so make sure an experienced property manager is on site to communicate with tenants and mitigate problems before they get out of hand.

Nov 2011