3 Popular Tourist Attractions That You’ll Find in Sacramento

Sacramento Capitol Building in CaliforniaLocated 93 miles from the vibrant San Francisco, Sacramento is the place where you could relax for a few days in great company, check out the hottest restaurants and clubs and discover the unique attributes of a marvelous city with a prominent artistic and cultural heritage. Don’t know which notable points of interest you should focus on? Here are 3 sought-after attractions that you should contemplate as a tourist as soon as you set foot in Sacramento, CA.

  1. The State Capitol

If you love historic buildings, don’t forget to put the State Capitol on your list of priorities. This enchanting building dates back to the 1860s and comprises all the wonders of the neo Classical style. You will most likely appreciate the gorgeous setting, featuring picturesque trees and gardens. The State Capitol Museum showcases several portraits and an ample collection of beautiful artwork that could become one of your most valuable sources of inspiration.

  1. Crocker Art Museum

If you have a thing for priceless artworks and want to take a closer look at paintings that actually speak to you, choose to plan your visit at the Crocker Art Museum. This facility displays numerous types of Californian art, and also manages to celebrate contemporary pieces and photography. Here you will get the chance to admire several unique masterpieces, ranging from astonishing 19th century paintings to well-liked Ansel Adams photos.

  1. California Automobile Museum

Who doesn’t love old, yet perfectly maintained vintage cars that remind us of the opulent Great Gatsby era? If you are very fond of Ford cars manufactured in the 1903-1953 timeframe, spend a few hours at the California Automobile Museum. Here you’ll find more than 160 classic and retro cars with real character.

Would It Be a Wise Move to Relocate to Sacramento?

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Nov 2014