How Safe Is Your New Neighborhood? How You Can Check

neighborhood guard or crime watch stopping thief,  thieves alertIf you’re moving to a downtown metropolis like Los Angeles or San Diego, security is obviously going to be a concern. Where one block can be safe, a two minute walk puts you in a dangerous area. If you’re not living in a building with 24-hour security cameras or a doorman, you want to feel protected. Here are some ways you can see how safe the area is.


Ge ta feel for the area before you sign any lease. You can walk around the apartment complex for a few blocks and see how you feel. Your gut reaction often tells you more than anything else. So, do you feel safe? Do you feel like the neighborhood is right for you?

Talk to Neighbors

See what your neighbors have to say about the area. That includes people in adjoining buildings or those you just see walking by. If your neighbors aren’t very friendly, or they keep windows and doors shut all day long, that might be a sign you’re not in a friendly neighborhood.

Look for the Obvious Signs

If you see high amounts of graffiti, security grates on the windows or doors with triple locks, you might live in a neighborhood with a high crime rate.

Ask the Local Police Department

You can get local crime statistics from the local police department for your new neighborhood. They can tell you the number of arrests and types of crimes that are predominant there. If you see a lot of white collar crimes, you won’t have much to worry about. Also, crimes like failure to pay child support or alimony aren’t something that will impact your personal safety.

Watch the Local News

You can tell a lot about an area just by reading the paper, browsing news channels or looking online. See what is making the news for that area. Is there a crime everyday being reported on the news?

Use the Internet

The internet is a powerful tool. You can search by the address to see if there are any known drug dens, criminal activities, etc. Also, you can look up your new landlord to see if they are frequently found in housing court for any safety violations.


You should always feel safe – no matter where you live. Even if you cannot afford much, there are plenty of places throughout Los Angeles and other busy metropolis areas that have low crime rates and cheap rent. Do not let rent guide you – always make sure you feel safe wherever you choose to live.

Apr 2014