Spot a Great Rental in San Diego in 5 Easy Steps

shutterstock_109329452Home to a little over 1.3 million people, San Diego is the second largest city in California by population. Due to its marvelous hilly geography, friendly climate and endless list of tourist attractions, including San Diego Zoo, Belmont amusement park, SeaWorld San Diego and Balboa Park, San Diego is constantly visited by thousands of tourists on an annual basis and manages to attract investors and newcomers who have their eyes and their hearts set on the unique gems of the local real estate market.

Assuming that you couldn’t possibly afford to buy a place in San Diego (this is perfectly understandable, considering that the median home sale price has recently hit the $520,000 milestone), perhaps you may be interested in renting an apartment in one of the coolest neighborhoods comprised by this wonderful city of opportunities. In case you’re getting ready to start fresh in Cali as a tenant, here are five basic steps that you should take to get closer to the for rent property that you have always wanted to occupy.

  1. Figure Out What You Really Want (and Can Realistically Afford). First and foremost, keep in mind that you should always set the correct parameters for your apartment search, to avoid wasting time and energy. In other words, only target the areas that provide the highest number of rentals that you could afford, and avoid upscale properties and expensive ZIP codes that are not a good fit for your non-celebrity status. For instance, if you can barely put food on the table, don’t even try to go near luxury homes located in/near, La Jolla, one of the most affluent seaside communities in San Diego, where high-end houses are currently being sold for more than 12 million dollars. The lesson is simple: know and understand your desires and limitations and stick to the neighborhoods and rentals that are the best match for your current financial possibilities.
  2. Research the Best Neighborhoods That Provide Rentals in Your Price Range. Now that you’ve managed to set a budget for your first house hunt, do your research and find out a thing or two about some of the most popular neighborhoods that you should focus on. For instance:

Mission Hills is a great pick for those who appreciate beautiful tree-lined streets, perfectly manicured grounds and elegant homes situated in a historic, grand neighborhood that is far from being ostentatious. This is the place where you could find extremely desirable, large, estate-like pieces of real estate, as well as a number of classy boutiques, coffee shops and salons.

Hillcrest is an extremely diverse environment teeming with social hipsters, singles and young families. Its inconsistent landscape varies a great deal from quaint and cozy to incredibly upscale. In this area, you could find and test a large selection of entertainment options and cool places where you could socialize and spend your spare time in a delightful manner (including bars, clubs, gyms and tattoo parlors). This area stands out from the crowd due to its open-minded dwellers, cleanliness, amazing diversity and eclectic character.

La Jolla. Known as the gem of the West Coast, La Jolla is no paradise for the poor. On the contrary, this part of the city is a haven for deep-pocketed elite interested in upscale Californian real estate jewels, fine wining and dining experiences and extravagant shopping destinations. La Jolla counts all these attractions and many others, including gorgeous hotels offering panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, architecturally magnificent, opulent mansions worth millions of dollars and luxury boutiques.

If you’re looking for a cool vacation rental in this area, remember that you would have to spend a significant amount of money to fulfill your dream of catching the sunrise every day in this area. Finding a vacant single-family house for rent under $5,000 per month in this part of the city can be quite a challenge; however, remember that you could simplify your search by keeping tabs on the listings promoted by Apartment Hunterz. A targeted search performed with help from California’s best-loved apartment finding service could return the best results in only a few days.

  1. Find Cheap Rentals in Your Area of Choice with Apartment Hunterz. Regardless of the area that you decide to opt for, analyze and compare your options using the insight provided by Apartment Hunterz. One quick glance at local listings could help you separate the insanely expensive properties from the decently-priced ones, offering you the opportunity to keep the ball in your court during a potential negotiation with landlords who are eager to fill their vacancies.
  2. Reach Property Managers and Landlords with a Few Clicks. Next, use the iConnect feature to communicate with landlords and property managers online, in real time. Forget about long, boring and costly phone calls and have a nice chat with the people who are ready and willing to give you the keys to their San Diego homes. Give the iConnect feature and try and you will no longer have to spend a lot of time writing endless emails; Apartment Hunterz makes it easier for you to get and stay in touch with landlords and also offers you a simplified method to upload and download forms.
  3. Tour the Property in Person and Close the Deal. Apartment Hunterz delivers an ample collection of verified listings featuring up to 12 photos allowing you to discover the particularities of the rentals that may interest you without having to tour them in person. Some listings are also accompanied by video tours that make it easier for you to assess the look and feel of each candidate before scheduling an appointment with property managers or landlords. After analyzing these extras, feel free to contact the people who are renting out their San Diego properties and don’t forget to create your home viewing checklist before going any further. A good checklist will help you inspect each key area of a house and identify potential problems with ease.

At the end of the day, remember that you can always count on Apartment Hunterz when it comes to spotting amazing rentals in San Diego, and in any other Californian city that may appeal to you. Check out the fresh listings, use the interactive tools and count on expert support to make an informed decision today.

Oct 2015