San Marino

living in San Marino

With one of the best public school systems in Los Angeles, a disinterest in chains (could this be the one neighborhood in Los Angeles with only one Starbucks?), and a dedication to cultivating a quiet community, San Marino is small-town smart in the middle of Los Angeles’ entertainment-centered metro.

Home to railroad magnate Henry E. Huntington’s estate – now a public library and park – , San Marino still has a bit of back East old school charm and manners: in place of Barnes & Noble is the San Marino Toy & Book Shoppe, grocery boutique and takeout cafe Julienne’s idea of a hamburger is dressed in Gruyere cheese and caramelized onions, and San Marino is locally famed for its decorating the St. Albans Rd.’s tall trees with Christmas lights come holiday season.

San Marino’s Location in Los Angeles

living in San MarinoThe Beverly Hills of the San Gabriel Valley, San Marino has Pasadena to its north, Glendale and Burbank to its northwest, Alhambra to its south, and El Monte and Glendora to its east. Downtown Los Angeles is about 15 minutes southwest.


San Marino warms up to 89°F on average (July-August) and San Marino chills lowest at about 43°F (December-January).


The Ventura 134 freeway runs through San Marino, turning into the 210 in San Marino’s north. In the southern part of San Marino, the 5 freeway and Pasadena 110 freeway run and connect to the San Diego 405 freeway and the Hollywood 101 freeway. Sierra Madre Blvd. and Huntington Dr. are the main streets, leading through Pasadena, Alhambra and San Gabriel.


All four of San Marino’s public schools – including Carver Elementary, Huntington Middle, and Valentine Elementary School – are California “Blue Ribbon” schools, and San Marino High School is considered one of the best performing public schools in southern California, consistently ranking as the highest Academic Performance Index (API) scorer in California.

Oct 2006