7 Steps to Follow to Ensure a More Enjoyable Tenancy

iStock_000014915526_SmallFinding the perfect tenants who pay rent on time, don’t cause or make any complaints, mind their own business and send you gifts during the holiday season can be quite complicated and time-consuming. This is why landlords should do their best to work on their relationships with existing tenants and employ different strategies to keep their residents happy and completely satisfied in the long term.

7 Steps to Take to Guarantee a Flawless Tenancy Experience

If you’re willing to go the extra mile to stimulate your tenants to renew their leases or speak highly of you and recommend your Californian rental in their circles, start by following the seven key steps that guarantee a more enjoyable tenancy.

  1. Meet Your Tenants in Person. The very best Californian apartment finding service offers you all the tools and services that you may need to reach tenants and help them discover the best features of your property without actually touring it in person. You can even upload forms and encourage potential tenants to fill them out and send them back to you. However, this doesn’t mean that virtual interactions should replace face-to-face ones. Take the time to meet all candidates in person before signing on the dotted line. This way, you will manage to complete your screening process and shake hands with the people who meet your criteria and send you the best vibes.
  2. Be Present (and Helpful) During Move in Day. A landlord who is present and active on move-in day manages to highlight his reliability and commitment. Moreover, by following this path you could also anticipate and address potential problems that your new tenants could encounter on your premises.
  3. Be Available and Stimulate Your Tenants to Provide Feedback. Most first-time landlords have a hard time trying to stay on top of things. Their tasks become even more complicated and time consuming when they have to manage multiple buy-to-let properties. If you are currently dealing with similar challenges, consider spending the right amount of money on property management services. If this option is out of the question for one reason or another, at least try to break down your daily assignments into smaller, simpler ones that are more manageable. Keep the lessor-tenant relationship warm and cordial by returning texts and phone calls promptly. Respond to repair, improvement or replacement requests as soon as possible and don’t forget to ask your tenants to rate your work. Feedback from tenants is an invaluable element that could help you evaluate (and improve) your performance in record time.
  4. Be Proactive. A proactive attitude will always work to your best advantage by helping you keep your expenses in check. Why wait for that pipe to burst when you can replace it today and prevent significant repair costs? Regular maintenance will ensure a higher level of comfort for your tenants, while also enabling you to avoid bigger and more expensive home improvement projects.
  5. Keep All Your Promises. Procrastination can deteriorate your relationship with your current tenants and lower your odds of finding new ones in the long run. As you can imagine, more than a few people who are Internet savvy and particularly active on social media platforms are inclined to share their experiences with the whole world; tenants who fit this description won’t hesitate to complain about your lack of commitment/involvement/interest, putting your reputation on the line. Therefore, treat all your tenants with the uttermost respect and honor their repair requests in a timely fashion. Keep your promise to replace old, rusty appliances or fix leaky pipes. The simplest changes related to the looks, feel and functionality of your Californian rental will help you better your relationship with the people who live under your roof.
  6. Find the Perfect Gifts for Your Landlords to Reward Their Loyalty. Every once in a while you should consider surprising your tenants with small, inexpensive gifts ideas that underline your good intentions. Remember that great tenants are hard to come by, especially on markets where high rental rates keep intimidating budget-conscious prospects who are constantly looking for bargains. Holidays offer you the perfect opportunity to consolidate your bond with your tenants.

Why is it so important to target the perfect gift idea? Presents, regardless of their value, stimulate mediocre tenants to adjust their attitude and implement positive changes (pay rent on time, renew their lease, keep your house clean and clutter-free and even send you small gifts in return). At the same time, presents encourage ideal tenants to keep up the good work. So what should you actually get them? Keep in mind that you shouldn’t break the bank to keep your tenants happy. By taking a certain amount off next month’s rent you could come up with the perfect holiday gift for your tenants. If you’d rather stick to more conventional presents, consider opting for gift baskets, iTunes gift cards, movie/concert tickets or practical gift cards. Looking for the gift that could benefit both landlords and tenants? If that’s the case, choose to make a small investment that will boost the appeal and/or functionality of your Californian rental. Appliance upgrades, house cleaning services and simple, cost-effective additions (like that gorgeous set of patio furniture that all your tenants have been dreaming about for so long) will make your residents happy, while also turning your property into a more comfortable and welcoming environment.

  1. Use an Apartment Finding Service to Become a Better Landlord. Landlordship involves a series of responsibilities that you may not be ready or willing to handle at this point. If you are determined to squeeze more value from your Californian rental and wish to create the perfect foundation for a mutually advantageous tenant-landlord relationship, consider using the tools and expert support provided by Apartment Hunterz. California’s favorite apartment finding service makes it easier for landlords to identify the perfect tenants and maintain an excellent connection with the people who may be interested in renting their houses or apartments. Set up your landlord account today, start using the cool tools and features offered by Apartment Hunterz and fill your vacancies rapidly, easily and stress-free.
Aug 2015