living in Westwood Los Angeles
While Los Angeles neighborhood Westwood is famously home to UCLA’s sprawling campus and most definitely a college town, Westwood is equally a glossy business district of skyscraper offices and penthouse apartments.

With Wilshire Blvd. as its backbone, Westwood is a central district of Los Angeles, and both centered in its university fame and multi-million-dollar high-rise real estate: Westwood Village is a cozy shopping district both bustling late night while one of the safest parts of Los Angeles, Westwood Village is both In N’ Out and Nappa Valley Grille, Westwood is a few minutes west of glitzy Beverly Hills and south of hipster Sawtelle.

Westwood’s Location in Los Angeles

living in Westwood
Centered in the northern part of west Los Angeles, Westwood has Brentwood then Santa Monica to its west, Beverly Hills and Century City to its east, Bel-Air at its north, and Sawtelle and Rancho Park at its south.


Westwood warms up to 84°F on average (July-August) and Westwood chills lowest at about 48°F (December-January).


Westwood’s main streets are Santa Monica Blvd., Wilshire Blvd., and Sunset Blvd., all of which run east/west throughout Los Angeles, and Sepulveda Blvd., which runs north/south as an alternative to the San Diego 405 freeway. Westwood’s public transportation is mainly the variety of buses that run on Wilshire Blvd.

Westwood’s Education

Westwood’s main college is obviously UCLA (University of California Los Angeles), and Westwood is also home to the Pacific Western University, Concord Law School, and Bryman College. Westwood’s kindergarten through 8th grade is served by Los Angeles Unified School District.

Oct 2006